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Spoiled Journey

Spoiled Journey

The Roads That Take Us

75 стр.
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This book may appear to be too serious a read for not serious people and it is absolutely not serious reading for serious people. I am selling it here in case there are several people who are still at a loss as to whether they are serious enough or not. Siri goes on a deadly journey through a completely insane world to find his old friends. He will meet a crying dog, a werewolf princess, an exceptionally foul-mouthed infant, a quarter doctor, a time traveler, a mad sorceress and much, much more.

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Vladimir Shakhov

Light, kind and but somehow very touching. It looks like a song of lost friendship and tough life choices which inevitably enrich us. Reminded me of Lewis Carol and Terry Pratchett.

February 16, 2020, в 1:32 PM

A weird book. Reading the first few pages, I was thinking this was complete nonsense, but then somehow I just was not able to put it down. The book surely gets under one's skin. Nobody wants to grow old but everyone does it. A few do it gracefully, the rest get into books like this. Deserved five stars.

February 12, 2020, в 5:44 AM

This author has been recommended to me by one of my colleagues and a good friend contemporaneously. I enjoyed the reading very much as the imaginary scene is somehow enveloping you into the warm cloud. This book is a good break from your work when you want to switch (for a while) your work-oriented thinking. I recommend too!

February 8, 2020, в 12:17 PM

February 3, 2020, в 9:00 PM
Igor Bulanov

I bought this book because of its plot similarity with my favorite, "The Little Prince", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. You know: the boy goes on a trip and meets different, weird people. But, my gosh, in this book everything was weird, not just the people. I can’t even explain it. The plot, the style, the vibe – everything was totally absurd. I am not a literary critic and I can’t tell whether this was complete nonsense or a work of genius. All I know is that somehow, I immensely enjoyed reading this and I couldn't set it aside until I finished it.

January 30, 2020, в 4:53 PM


Theodor Ventskevich

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