Shaman. Book 1. Renaissance

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ISBN 978-5-4483-0505-4

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I’m so far gone that it is already impossible to stop… Have you ever thought that you can be anyone other, not alike yourself today? Would you like to feel and see a little bit more than you do now? Would you like to know what it means to be truly alive?… Once there was a moment when I asked these questions to myself. Since then much time has passed, and now, having learned many interesting and surprising things, I understand that this is only the beginning, the beginning of a long journey…

Об авторе

Dmitry Shustin

4 years ago, the author was an ordinary man, like many surrounding people. At some moment, an unusual incident forced him to leave the borders of the usual state and to plunge into the abyss of incredible events and adventures. Since that time, the author has visited private laboratories engaged in research of Kozyrev’s Mirrors, Reich’s Chambers, and Energy pressure chambers and so on. And all this in order to understand the nature of the event itself, the essence of which is still unknown…

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