Sex gate

Water, fire and pipe-vaginas

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ISBN 978-5-4490-4509-6

О книге

In the pool, next to the empty house, lights turn on at night and a beautiful young woman bathes there. Not only is she naked, so she also invites to compose a company for a man watching her in a telescope from the window of a neighbor’s house. What ends the bath with a naked stranger and dancing around the campfire with a beautiful native woman, you will learn by reading this book.

Об авторе

Vitaly Mushkin

The story of Vitaly Mushkin is written in the style of fantasy. But it is recommended for reading to adult readers already. After all, the product abounds with scenes of sex and erotic fantasies. If you like adventures, if you are young with soul and body (but 18+), then plunge into Water, Fire and Sex. Sex in the pool, sex in the woods around the fire, adventure in an unknown tropical country, where almost all desires come true.

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