Sex gate

Бесплатный фрагмент - Sex gate

Water, fire and pipe-vaginas

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I fell on the warm, almost hot sand. The sun is shining, the waves of the sea are beating nearby. Where I am? Where am I? It is a paradise? I looked at the sky, the clouds in a bizarre way added the word “PARADISE”. It must be a dream. Yes, it’s a dream. Suddenly the air around became viscous, I began to rise above the ground. I pinched my hand. Painfully! So it’s not a dream. The air was again transparent and I fell on the sand. No, this is reality. But how did I get here? And then you do not remember? Remember. I want back. I got up and went back, from the sea to the forest. But “back” I did not mean to go in the opposite direction. I meant “home”. I want to go home. Before the forest, I saw a house. A big white house. Stop! I stopped. What is it? What I think about, everything appears. Is this a magic country? Clouds in the sky formed in the “MAGIC COUNTRY”.

So, we must sit down and think. I’m sitting naked in the sand and think. How long ago I was not at sea. I’m here now, because I probably wanted to. But what to do next? First, you need to make sure that my thoughts and desires are really fulfilled.

“Let me see the dolphins in the sand.”

Between me and the forest, among the sand, flew into the air and began to fall dolphins.

“But this must be a logical explanation.”

I walked closer. It turns out that there was a canal between the forest and me, which is visible if you go closer. In it, and dived dolphins. Okay, you need to cool down, come to your senses.

“I’ll go swimming in the sea.”

I went into the water knee-deep.

“But there may be sharks.”

A couple of meters from me, the sharks sharply outlined a semicircle.

“All right, I’ll go into the house.” Maybe this is my home.

The path to the house was closer than I expected. I went inside, the door was open, lay down on the sofa in the living room and began to think.

How did I get here? As I got here, I remembered everything to the last detail. It all started a few months ago, when I bought a house in the suburbs. The house was not bad, on the second floor I had a bedroom and a study room where I worked. The window of the office faced the neighboring house. Once, having sat up late for midnight, I was surprised to see that there was light in the outdoor pool and someone was swimming. It seemed to me that nobody lives in the house. I never saw its inhabitants, the light in the windows did not burn. “Perhaps the hosts came” — I thought. Looking more closely at the swimmer, I noticed that this is a woman. I did not have binoculars, so it was difficult to make out the details.

After a while, I again saw the swimmer in the house opposite. And again it was already at night. And so it happened several times. One afternoon, while walking around the city, in the window of one of the shops I saw a telescope. Why should I have a telescope? So, for fun. I will observe the surroundings. In the evening in the office, I installed a pipe and waited for a night swim. The lights were turned on inside the pool, and the lights turned on inside. Out of the darkness came a woman and went to the edge of the pool. What a beauty! And completely naked! An ideal figure, slender legs, a flat stomach, ripe breasts and buttocks, black hair to the shoulders. The girl sent me an air kiss and dived into the pool. Did she see that I was watching her? It’s impossible, because it’s so far away.

With aspiration I watched the naked swimmer. She swam on her back and on her chest, diving, exposing as if to show off the chest, then the ass. Then I saw a whirlwind in the water. Something like a bee swarm, only invisible. This swarm (or whirlwind) then swam next to a woman, then touched the various parts of her body. So they swam together for a while. Then the woman stood with her back to the pool wall, holding her hands. She lifted her legs wide apart. And a whirlwind, or whatever it was, entered her female place. I went in without any remnants. The swimmer swam a little more and began to leave the pool. A man in a long robe with a hood gave her hand. He gave a lady and a towel. His face because of the hood, I never considered it.

The bath went on every night. I have already changed my schedule so that from noon to one o’clock in the morning to watch the pool. Sometimes I saw a naked beauty calling me to her. Once I got the courage and decided. Between our houses there was a high fence, so I went through the central entrance. He went to the door and knocked. “Come in,” said a metallic voice to the speaker. I entered the house. He was dark and empty. By the glow of light from the street, I reached the door to the pool and went through it. The girl was in the water. She waved to me.


— Hello.

— Join us.

— Nice to meet you. My name is Andrew. And you?

— Me is Eve.

She swam to the edge of the pool, held out her hand. Eva seems to me not at all embarrassed. Her big breasts came out from under the water and teased me.

— I do not see you in the afternoon.

“I have business in the city in the daytime.”

“Are you here with your husband?”

— No, this is my assistant, Abdul. Well, will you be swimming?


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