Naked people

A parallel world

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ISBN 978-5-4490-5176-9

О книге

Valentine, learning the unknown, falls into a parallel world. There everything is the same as in real life. Only people go naked, have sex anywhere and do not feel any inconvenience. Valya is drawn into a similar rhythm of life and is satisfied with everything. Time passes and the parallel world becomes the only real one. The hero’s memory of the past is gradually being erased…

Об авторе

Vitaly Mushkin

The story of Vitaly Mushkin is written in the style of fantasy, fantasy for adults. The erotic line of narration puts the characters in situations that are almost impossible in our everyday life. Sex is everywhere: in the club, in the cafe, in the plane and even in the subway. If you like adventures, seasoned with acute erotic experiences, then this book is for you.

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