Review. Benzene on the basis of the three-electron bond

Review. Benzene on the basis of the three-electron bond

Theory of three-electron bond in the four works with brief comments (review). 2016.

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Using the concept of three-electron bond we can represent the actual electron structure of benzene and other molecules, explain specificity of the aromatic bond and calculate the delocalization energy. The aromatic bond is a three-electron bond in flat cyclic systems with a specific interaction of electrons through the cycle. In benzene formed a new type of chemical bonds — an aromatic bond, which has a multiplicity of more than 1.5 (1.66) http://vixra.org/author/bezverkhniy_volodymyr_dmytrovych



Volodymyr Bezverkhniy
Volodymyr Dmytrovych Bezverkhniy
Bezverkhniy Volodymyr Dmytrovych. March 11, 1972. Ukraine. Synthetic Chemist (Organic Chemistry). Lecturer (Organic Chemistry). Chemical Engineer. Education: 1. 1989 — 1994. Chernivtsi National University. Department of Сhemistry. Chemistry/Organic Chemistry. Master’s Degree, with honors. 2. 1997 — 2001. Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Department of Chemistry of bioactive nitrogen-containing heterocyclic bases. Graduate School. Organic Chemistry (PhD Student).
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