Dusse-Alin, 1980—1982

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ISBN 978-5-4490-3847-0

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Somehow, scolding me on the parade ground before the whole system, the commander of the battalion said: “You, Nevzorov, then you’ll talk everywhere — I served in the BAM, I built BAM, I’m a hero. In fact, you slobber and g… And the medal “For the construction of BAM” you will not get. You are not worthy of it. Completely agree with him. Alexander Nevzorov.

Об авторе

Alexander Nevzorov

Alexander Nevzorov served at the BAM, in the railway troops, in 1980—1982. Everything described in the book is true. True, as it is. Without embellishment, without false patriotism and ostentatious heroism. So served many thousands of soldiers and officers. Served then, in the Soviet Union, and are still in Russia.

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