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life is nothing (Lbovshchina)

life is nothing (Lbovshchina)

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О книге

This story is in memory of Alexander Lbov, a man who does not know the way to the new, but hates the old, undisciplined, unrestrained, but brave and proud rebel, who put all the hatred in the cold barrel of his permanent Mauser.

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Сергей Стреляев

Wonderful historical novel decorated in a work of art. Perfectly traced as the characters and the historical period in which the action takes place. Very accurately grasped the essence of the past era: people's thoughts, their way of life, their lives and actions. It is interesting reading not only for lovers of literature but also for historians. All the main facts noted in the story are true, but, of course, processed in accordance with the requirements of the plot. The names of the main characters are authentic." The book is in memory of those who attacked with a cry, died with laughter and during the nervous, reckless brave fights put their own LIFE IN ANYTHING.

June 12, 2019, в 12:37 PM


Arkady Gaidar
The basis of the story was the events that unfolded in 1905—1908 in the Urals: an armed attack against the tsarist government in the working suburb of Perm — Motovilikha.