Learn Languages Easily

Methods of self-regulation for successful learning

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Have you ever wanted to learn a language quickly and easily? In Learn Languages Easily renowned Russian psychotherapist Andrey Ermoshin guides the reader to do just that. The solutions offered here employ his own method called psychocatalysis. This is a method of self-regulation which is built upon paying attention to your body’s signals and leveraging your own internal strengths. Ermoshin offers 40 exercises that will speed up the deep learning process needed to master new knowledge.

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Andrey Ermoshin

Andrey Ermoshin is a psychotherapist. Apart from the therapeutic sessions, he conducts specialized trainings for individuals and organizations. He has helped and addressed thousands of people in sessions, talks and seminars throughout Russia and other countries worldwide. In 2010—2018 Dr. Ermoshin has been among the top three specialists in psychotherapy in Russia according to PPL rating. To learn more about author visit www.psychocatalysis.ru Contacts: erm@list.ru +7 916 140 72 53.

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