Об авторе

Andrey Ermoshin is a psychotherapist, PhD. Apart from the therapeutic sessions, he conducts specialized trainings for individuals and organizations. He has helped and addressed thousands of people in sessions, talks and seminars throughout Russia and other countries worldwide. Andrey Ermoshin is a member of European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP) and Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia (PPL). In 2010–2020 Dr. Ermoshin has been among the top three specialists in psychotherapy in Russia according to PPL rating. Andrey Ermoshin has published six books and more than 100 articles on psychotherapy and self-regulation methods. His goal is to help his patients and the readers of this book overcome their obstacles and achieve personal growth. He has hosted more than 130 television programs about how to solve severe psychological problems (e.g. addictions and psychological traumas) and has interviewed dozens of leading specialists in psychology and psychotherapy. To learn more about Andrey Ermoshin, please visit www.psychocatalysis.ru