How to help yourself in a difficult moment

How to help yourself in a difficult moment

Invitation to a new life

36 стр.
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О книге

The life experience of many outstanding people teaches that it is the overcoming of difficulties that is the key to success in life. But to overcome difficulties — you need to overcome yourself! Overcome your negative thoughts, habits and weaknesses. How to do it, when emotions cloud your mind and do not let you see the true state of things, is told in this book. As an urgent psychological help, the book is recommended to all who are in a difficult situation and do not know how to get out of it.



Vladimir Lavrov
Vladimir S. Lavrov
The author of the book is a successful writer, coach, mentor on financial literacy, head of the School of High Financial Achievements “Triumph”, an expert on disclosing the internal potential, the first in Russia consultant on TSP methodology and closed sections of yoga.