More important than money

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Each of us has exactly twenty-four hours a day. Even the greatest people in history have not had more time than you. John Rockefeller and Steve Jobs had exactly the same amount of time per day as you. The only thing that sets them apart is how they spent their time. From this book you will learn about the price of time, calculate the cost of an hour of your time, learn how to properly plan and invest your time, turning it into money.
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The author of the book is a writer, educator, trainer for transformation of thinking. Core competencies: personal efficiency and development of financial intelligence. A specialist in the systemic management of its effectiveness and efficiency. Creator of the «Lavrov System», the transformation game «Neurosquares» and a new approach to personal learning based on changing neural connections that form and reinforce any skills and habits.

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Объем: 60 стр.

Дата выпуска: 28 февраля 2021 г.

Возрастное ограничение: 12+

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Формат: epub, fb2, pdfRead, mobi

ISBN: 978-5-0053-3571-5


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