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How much do I stand in

How much do I stand in rubles

Russian test

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What prevents people from being rich? Education, heredity or evil fate? The author of the test proposes to change the internal settings from poverty to wealth. This will certainly bring tangible results. Answer honestly the questions put in the test and get honest answers. The answers are not only about your current place in this big world, but also about how to specifically «improve» your position in the area that interests you. Books of tests are well read at leisure, in company, on the road.

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Александр Невзоров

Introduction Why are the rich rich and the poor poor? Why do not the rich become poor and the poor rich? What is it, luck or fate? Does it depend on the person himself? How, finally, to become rich? Is it possible for a simple person, a man without ties? The author of the test asserts that the cause of poverty or wealth are the internal attitudes of a person that can be changed. This is the focus of this test. Each participant with his help can determine his available attitudes towards accepting or rejecting money. In the recommendation part, the Test provides each person with simple and necessary recommendations for changing the settings and guarantees (with the actual application of the recommendations) that the person will indeed become richer. Below are questions and 5 possible answers for each of them with scores from one to five. Answer all questions and sum up the number of points received. The number that you will get, check with the data published in the last chapter of the book, which is called the "Results of the test." By the number of points you will be able to identify yourself, find in a certain group. Moreover, if you are interested, you will receive specific recommendations in order to increase the flow of money for yourself in your situation. Everything is very simple. The test will not take much time. His results (hopefully) will please you. The accuracy of the received characteristics for this test is guaranteed by the breadth of its coverage and the author's experience. Want to have a lot of money - so get them! If there is not one among the proposed answers that exactly suits you, choose the option nearest to it.

August 21, 2017, в 7:24 AM


Alexander Nevzorov
Why are some people rich and others poor? Can this be changed? «What a person is capable of and whether there are limits to his achievements» — these questions have always interested me. It’s time to write a book about this. Alexander Nevzorov.