Eat, Read, Slim

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ISBN 978-83-8104-637-4

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Dear reader, I suppose you’re not new to the topic, so I am not going to create any unnecessary suspense. Let’s begin right from the seven simple rules that will help you to part with excess weight easily and comfortably – without dieting, pills, hypnosis, exhausting training, counting calories, injections, disgust for food or other hazardous methods. You can go with your business as usual, enjoy life, eat the usual food, even lie on the couch – and still lose weight!

Об авторе

Zoya Bogdanova

Zoya Bogdanovа was born in St.Petersburg, currently lives and works in Novosibirsk. The book Eat. Read. Slim! is a practical guide for those who have already tried all the usual ways to lose weight and had lost all the hope. The book is a step by step guide how to acquire great body, general well-being and spectacular mood.

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