Diet that works

Diet that works

In every life there comes a moment when one realizes that he went not there. But not everyone has the opportunity to get out on their own.

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This book contains my 10-year experience of the “vital diet” change lives. It was possible to reconcile the irreconcilable: slimming diet with a diabetic diet. Yes, and the first type of diabetes mellitus, and suffer them to only 10% of diabetics. But I managed to win: even when left without metabolism – the basis of harmony. The fate of an order has complicated my task, at times reducing my chances of living graceful. But I managed to win: I did. And so – I have the right to write about it.



25.08.1978 was born. I live in Volgograd. On a horoscope Virgo: the most meticulous Sign. Practitioner looking for a reasonable truth, with great desire and the desire of all to understand and get to the bottom. “If something is worth doing, then it should be done well.” It was necessary to understand the diet COMPATIBILITY harmony with diabetic diet … I am sure that it is searching for the “golden mean” they gave me the strength to win.