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Diet that works

In every life there comes a moment when one realizes that he went not there. But not everyone has the opportunity to get out on their own.

Sergey Demyanov

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4483-2033-0

О книге

This book contains my 10-year experience of the “vital diet” change lives. It was possible to reconcile the irreconcilable: slimming diet with a diabetic diet. Yes, and the first type of diabetes mellitus, and suffer them to only 10% of diabetics. But I managed to win: even when left without metabolism – the basis of harmony. The fate of an order has complicated my task, at times reducing my chances of living graceful. But I managed to win: I did. And so – I have the right to write about it.

О книге

Об авторе

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