The diary won’t save any lives for certain but it would help many to transform their life, start a new live full of happiness and joy. The everyday habit of being grateful will become an essential part of one’s being as gratefulness is the basis of true happiness. It’s scientifically proven that human’s immune system is getting stronger while experiencing positive emotions and hope for the better, when a person is cheerful and filled with love and gratefulness.


Hayk Harutyunyan
Let us go through this tough time with our heads up high and bring to light all the good things this challenging event has brought to us. Hayk Harutyunyan

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Объем: 99 стр.

Дата выпуска: 14 мая 2020 г.

Возрастное ограничение: 12+

В магазинах: ЛитРесOzonAmazonwildberries

Формат: epub, fb2, pdfRead, mobi

ISBN: 978-5-4498-8084-0


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