Alphabet of the Human Mind

Alphabet of the Human Mind

Psychology flagship

191 стр.
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AHM is not only a science but also a combat art for the MIND, which You can be mastered. More accurate and complete Classification of Personality Types simply does not exist! Each concept from AHM such important as the gear from mechanism of Swiss watches. Become a Professional Psychologist, reading one Book? Thanks to the heroic work of the Authors of AHM this possible today! “If life has attached instruction, it would be called — Alphabet of the Human Mind!” ©



Nikita Danilov
Nikita Danilov
Ekaterina Danilova
While others were engaged in burning their lives, Nikita very deeply studied such phenomena as Nonviolent Revolutions and NLP. What is it and how does it work? To give unambiguous answers, He had to create a fundamental classification for all existing psychology! Ekaterina has a higher artistic education, she is engaged in sculpture, jewelry art and web-design. Also, together with Nikita She founded several successful Internet projects.
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