Alphabet of the Human Mind

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About authors

Photo 1. Authors of AHM.

Authors of the book “Alphabet of the Human Mind” are Spouses Nikita Danilov and Ekaterina Danilova.

While others were engaged in burning their lives, Nikita deeply studied such phenomena as Nonviolent Revolutions and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These areas are extremely popular today, but unfortunately, there was no education in Russia in these specialties. Therefore, Nikita received knowledge in the US universities, but this was not enough! Then Nikita found everything that was related to the Human Psyche and was available in Russia! But even there were no answers that would satisfy the Author!

How are non-violent revolutions organized and why are possible? What is NLP and why does it work? Can this be protected to use it? Can this be used without risk to one’s health and others? And many such questions! To give accurate unambiguous answers, it was necessary to create a fundamental classification for all existing psychology and now it became available to everyone’s understanding, even without special education! This classification affected not only the field of research of Nikita, but everything connected with the Human Psyche! The results are stunning and do not cease to amaze!

Nikita received a higher education in the field of software development, where He reached significant heights. NLP and Nonviolent Revolutions turned out to be very close to the main specialty of the Author. In the first case it is an attempt to program one person, in the second – the crowd!

Ekaterina has a higher artistic education, She is engaged in sculpture, jewelry art and web-design. In addition to formalizing the classification of AHM, together with Nikita, They founded several successful Internet projects, such as Online Netty Scheduler (NettyOS.COM), SitesForPremium.COM and others.


Hello, dear readers! The fact that you took the book and decided to get acquainted with AHM already worthy of respect!

There is a proverb: “In Russia, two problems — idiots and roads!” In fact, a few logical moves the second paragraph is limited to the first and can reformulate that saying so: “In Russia, the root of all evils — idiots!” AHM affects this particular problem, which today is no less urgent than a century ago. But AHM — a science, so we will not use LI (more — Glossary and head of LPJ) and become immediately expressed scientifically!

Why AHM can solve this problem, and before that to no avail? The problem has not been solved and it is a fact! The answer is very simple and very scientific!

People who have Particularly-Primitive type of Mind (PPM) cannot talk fluent about something related to their psyche. From the Full Model of Personal Human Space (FMPHS) it will be seen that the PPT — is the absence of the mind, as the basic unit of a Healthy Personality. As bricks when building a house or a castle — which is not exist! So there are no other higher levels. In particular, the level of ELOQUENCE.

But what instead of these levels? Instead, these levels — Crutches of Public Opinion (CPO). Or in other words, a lot of verified Particularly-Primitive Judgments (PPJ) at different levels of the Human Psyche. Therefore CPOs determine what topic can speak PPM and feel at the same time healthy and normal psyche, and what is not. AHM, along with profound scientific knowledge provides Treatment CPOs (TCPOs) or Treatment-Submissive AHM CPOs by AHM existence. This means that not only a professional will be able to understand and talk about the Human Mind and not only Mentally Healthy Person (MHP), but PPM too. By allowing anyone to discuss the subject freely, AHM provides management tools for solving the most important problems: personal, family, Russian and the world problems.

Only one way in the current world situation can save Russia — quickly gain healthy mind the whole country and provide “Strong Figures” to develop, build and strengthen Russia! Or become yourself a “Strong Figure”, but not through the last century, destroying Talented People!

This book was written for Russian people, but generally this is science and actually for everyone in the world, who has Mind and Psyche! Healthy and disabled — so for everyone! ☺


The picture on the title page provides a key understanding of what is AHM and how it works. All that is shown there has a profound meaning. George Victorious: The symbol of a Healthy Psyche. Dial: AHM more precise then Swiss watch and as necessary in the modern world as the exact time. Compass: indicates a form of mental illness, personality types and Mental Health, if it is.

MHP — Mentally Healthy Person on the side of the North, as Mental Health completely cold to the symptoms of mental illness. At the same time MHP has reasonable/deliberate: the kindness, the greatness and the aggression (for example aggression to the enemies of the Motherland). And there’s something else 4th — this is Human with a capital letter!

KF — Kind Form on the part of the East where the sun rises. The main symptom of this form is unreasonable and thoughtless “kindness”, which is often, becomes evil to others and the person himself because of hastiness. LPJ: “Kind Extrovert” by Jung or “Сomplaisant Extrovert.” Extrovert in a nutshell: “emotions out”.

AF — Aggressive Form from the South. This form is characterized by a constant manifestation of unreasonable aggression towards others. Aggression is manifested every time an insane man envies something. Constantly invent existing and non-existent reasons to manifest unreasonable aggression towards innocent, which is weaker than him, often Kids. Any reason need AF to society is not called representatives of AF abnormal. Global NLP, movies, Interstate 60, the city lawyers. The most susceptible to the “silver” form. Prohibited to do something good for this form. Only good Nonviolent Psychotherapy, if you have to communicate. LPJ “Angry Extrovert” by Jung. Possible: “Greedy Extrovert” or “Stubborn Extrovert.” It is important that the PPM does not go to an Open Form (OF). Open Form for AF can be expressed in the insults or damage to the property/health. AHM — your friend.

DF — Depressive Form from the West, where the sun sets. The prevailing Manic-Depressive Syndrome. This is the most “dark” form and the “light of truth” (the diagnosis or symptoms) it neutralizes (NLP, film — Underworld). This form should get unreasonable and thoughtless majesty, which is a symptom of mental illness, otherwise, falls into a depression. If majesty is touched — the unreasonable aggression symptom may occur. The easiest way to find a common language, and is more prone to GCM. Typically, DF — is the result of the fact that a child was not allowed to engage in favorite things, destroying initiative, together with a healthy child’s psyche, as salvation — part leaves in MDS, which triggers the PPM. LPJ “Introvert” by Jung. Introvert in a nutshell: “emotions inside.”

PPM — Particularly-Primitive type of Mind is a mindset that cannot accept anything else except Particularly-Primitive Judgments, which are, in turn, the root of all mental disorders. MHP has Generally-Complex type of Mind (GCM).

It is not fully revealed the depth of meaning… Do it!


This book is for Those who love Their Mind!

Until now, there was no clear understanding of the human psyche and a measure of health. Many famous people have tried to build a model of the human psyche, to make the description of the various aspects. But until now there has not been a universal exact model that could accurately answer all the questions that relate to the human mind and the inner world of the person.

Now such an opportunity exists! It is no accident on the main page shows the dial. Find the form and the presence of mental illness is now as simple as a diagnosis of acute respiratory disease, SARS, etc. With Swiss precision. Also, it is possible on the basis of the facts to say that the person is mentally healthy. Modern science has advanced so much that can make the chip using nano technology. It would be naive to believe that psychology would be to rely on public opinion in the science of incompetent people. AHM allows everyone to see the presence of mental illness or mental health people around. Sometimes, it can be very useful and very important. Accuracy assessment of the human psyche depends on the level, who studied AHM: Newbie, Experienced, Professional and Expert. Alphabet of the Human Mind does not require special education, all the concepts are combined so succinctly and clearly that it can learn everyone. From the standpoint of AHM easily possible to describe everything about the human psyche. For example, you can say what was right and what was wrong the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, extending and expanding the classification extrovert/introvert to 100 percent accuracy and understanding.

One of the most effective tools in AHM for the treatment and understanding is LAUGHTHERAPY, therefore, in this book, there are some “funny” moments. The main problem is that mental illness is blocking contacts with common sense and the mind, so to communicate with mentally ill people developed a unique and a new language, which has no analogues in the world’s languages, programming languages, but it includes a lot and is an effective and proven means for communicating with the masses and individuals. This language is called — Language of Primitive Judgment (LPG). It will be explained in detail how it works.

AHM needed as teenagers living in modern reality, and an experienced psychologist. Based on this section of psychology can be explained the motives of the individual or group and be ready for the standard course of events, when it comes to PPMe.

AHM takes the best from everywhere, including gives you the opportunity to consider all the religious direction from the standpoint of psychology, because it is directly related to the activities of the higher levels of the Human Psyche.

Research methods

The researches were conducted in the most descriptive methods that do not interfere with the behavior of PPM: cut (short-term follow-up), longitudinal (long-term follow-up), and the sample (the study of a group of people). Sometimes, participant observation, where the observer becomes part of the group.

When it was not to avoid contact with PPM, applied research of natural experiment. These laboratory experiments known psychology have also been used successfully.

All observations and experiments that were carried out were entirely lawful. Ethical considerations: names from researches won’t give in this book.

Also AHM for the researches used appropriate sources from all spheres of human life.


Glossary is very important for the whole book. In the following chapters will be used mainly acronyms.

KF — Kind Form. This is one of the main forms of classification PPM that everyone self-respecting member of the international community should know. The prevailing symptom — Unreasonable and Thoughtless Kindness (UK).

DF — Depressive Form. MDS prevails to some extent, or in simple terms Unreasonable and Thoughtless Majesty (UM), which can be substantiated and deliberate, a sign of Mental Health, if to think about it, having developed its GCM! This is also true for the other symptoms. It will be discussed in detail in several chapters, as this is a very important point.

AF — Aggressive Form. The prevailing symptom Unreasonable Aggression (UA).

KM — Kind Mask. This is in addition to the basic classification of PPMs. For example, PPM AF noticed that if other see his or her symptom UA, do not want to communicate with him. Therefore PPM Mask — an artificial, simulated as an actor, a symptom of a different form. In this case, making some Unreasonable Kindness to suit the so-called “sheep’s mask”. But at the same time PPM, of course, doesn’t become a wolf or a sheep, and is mentally ill man. If the main symptom is not cured, for example, Unreasonable Aggression in AF, then will be manifested as cough with a cold — all the time, waiting for the child (Children are the most vulnerable) will trust or turn back to PPM. For Newbie AHM not difficult distinguish between the PPM Mask and the form of the primary classification of PPMs.

DM — Depressive Mask. Usually dressed PPMs of AF, who believe that they won the PPM DF. Why “believe”? In psychology, there is no such thing “to win”, “to lose”. The concepts “get better” and “not get better” — are in psychology.

AM — Aggressive Mask. Often dressed by PPMs of KF, as a way to combat the constant requests and shift the boundaries of personal space by PPMs around. It is not enough effective way. Distinguish the “acting” from the prevailing symptoms is quite simple. It is important to know the primary classification of PPMs for communication, but better to know the complete classification of PPMs. This is necessary to protect Your life, Your Friends, Kids from mental injuries that are very common due to impunity. As venom poisoning in the Victorian era. Then poison poisoning equated to an ordinary murder. One of the goals of AHM is to make this crime easily disclosed and punished. Scientific base in the book AHM is enough for this, but other measures are needed.

LI — Language of Idiots, which consists primarily of Particularly-Primitive Judgments. LI could be heard in television, public spaces, and family.

LPJ — Language of Primitive Judgments that use Mentally Healthy People for the treatment of symptoms and humility of people with Particularly-Primitive type of Mind (PPMs). LPJ — is a strait injection that makes think and can lead to a Generally-Complex type of Mind, which is a sign of Mental Health.

JLPJ — Judgment of LPJ. In order not to cause UA of the surrounding PPMs must be used judgments from LPJ, that are difficult to distinguish from PPJ to PPM, but they are thought out and focused on psychotherapy of PPMs.

LMHP — Language of Mentally Healthy People.

PPJ — Particularly-Primitive Judgment is the root of all mental illnesses, removing that person becomes Mentally Healthy! As well as other diseases manifested cease after the cause is eliminated. Learn PPJ easy! It is always concrete and primitive. Confused only with LPJ where simple judgments are formed for psychotherapy of others with medical and submissive effect.

PPM — Particularly-Primitive type of Mind, a sign of mental disorders in humans. In other words, the “madness” of the words “crazy” or “no mind.” From the standpoint of AHM “no mind” or PPM — is the lack of Generally-Complex Judgments.

THP — Type of Human Personality. When the type of thinking can perceive Generally-Complex Judgments, though, a little bit, then we can talk about the Type of Personality, rather than Particularly-Primitive type of Mind. Besides, it is more correct. MHP is not suit under the classification. Personality is very versatile.

GCJ — Generally-Complex Judgment. Judgments of Mentally Healthy People. On LPJ impossible to describe the GCJ. You can use a comparison: GCJ — it is like a small light source, which has a million rays and such sources many, and the PPJ — is one glimmer of something that does not know which way to turn to look like the GCJ.

GCM — Generally-Complex type of Mind that Mentally Healthy Peoples have and PPMs going to recover.

MPPJ — Matrix of Particularly-Primitive Judgments that showered a hail of mentally ill people from television, radio, private live, etc.

OMPPJ — Old MPPJ, or NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). These PPJs, which are aimed at the destruction of human mental health, mental abilities and only the inner world in order to obtain the primitive purposes. Do not go to the extreme step help Crutches of the Public Opinion. Mentally Healthy People instead of crutches have natural psycho support: their own Intelligence and Wisdom!

NMPPJ — New MPPJ, which is aimed at the treatment or submission of symptoms PPM. This matrix creates around himself a man alone, based on the knowledge and skills AHM. This is a non-violent self-defense of Mental Health.

CPO — Crutches of Public Opinion. Many mentally ill people can look and behave in certain to them situations and places as MHPs. This is all possible thanks to artificial PPJ which are exists at high levels of the Human Psyche. In certain locations PPMs support these CPOs or PPJs saying — if you do that in this place, then you are normal and it gives PPM opportunity to lead a life as a MHP with some restrictions. For PPMs normal — it is the PPM and for MHPs normal — it is MHP. Important frame of reference, as in mathematics.

SCPO — Soviet Crutches of Public Opinion. These crutches for PPMs Soviet era persecutions of every Talented Child, the main task was to destroy the Psyche of Talented Child and the Child not to be envious when He grows up and reaches the inaccessible heights. These crutches are very close to a loss of CPO, but in a society of such PPMs they operate as a CPOs.

ECPO — European Crutches of Public Opinion. It says here about the European and American CPOs, which are used in the global NLP and enable PPMs behave like MHPs for a while in certain places and situations. In this book, when used “CPO”, that means — “ECPO”.

TLCPO — Temporary Loss of CPO. In other words, “fell off the rails” for a while.

LLCPO — Long Loss of CPO.

PLCPO — Permanent Loss of CPO.

CSP — Crutches of Sick Psyche. The same as CPO.

TCPO — Treatment Crutches of Public Opinion.

NPS — Natural Psyche Supports. This is a natural mind, confidence, wisdom that has only Generally-Complex nature and exists only inside GCM.

MPHS — Model of Personal Human Space.

SMPHS — Simplified Model of Personal Human Space.

TMPHS — Total Model of Personal Human Space.

TCSHP — Table of Conformity Sick-Healthy Psyche.

HS — Hypersensitivity of PPM. Indirect data supports the fact of some very high sensitivity in the mentally ill. It is the little-studied fact in AHM, but researches confirm the existence of this phenomenon. In the chapter about HS will be reviewed in more detail.

SC — Superiority Complex. Schematically manifestations of SC are as follows: PPM sees something in others, envy. What is envy? PPM looks that the other has something after looks inside inner world, which does not have any PPM and it’s so scary PPM that immediately he needs CPO. Either this is a “victory” for the AF, while PPM thinks: “I am very dangerous i don’t need to envy someone!”, or it is a crutch of Unreasonable Majestic for DF, then the PPM is thinking: “Neighbor Bob said that I am great I have nothing to envy”, or crutch of Unreasonable Kindness for KF, then PPM thinks: “He only has it and I gave it! I am very cool!” The most dangerous AF, which can directly cause harm to an innocent person!

WC — Worm of Conscience. There is a saying — worms gnawing conscience. This is one of the symptoms of the PPM.

FC — Fire of Conscience. It is the fire of shame, which “lights up” within the PPM, realizing that he had done something disgraceful.

PS — Private Space.

RI — Reflex Idiocy. Most of the people that You know are likely to infuse you with a long “war” about which You know nothing. This “wars” existed in the limited world of the mentally ill people and talk about them as hard to person with PPM as recognize their diagnosis or symptoms for PPMs. More about this phenomenon can be found in the relevant chapter.

UI — Unreflection of Idiocy. Your psychotherapy to surrounding PPMs may face extremely low efficiency for some PPMs. The reason is that there is RI and the PPM does not perceive anything new that is associated with You and does not want to accept. For example, the PPM won You in tennis, when you were in the playpen and all life considered himself a champion, when he came to visit You. But in reality, has ability to win in tennis You, an adult with the game experience much less, and AF will run as from fire, from the party of tennis to the dreams of his greatness and power are not thwarted by the reality. Every time PPM thinking about how he won Kid in tennis. He’s idiotism goes to an Open Form and You psychotherapy has to be much stronger. In other case Open Form will be if you do something wrong, not immediately. The process that allows you to remove the RI, called UI.

CF — Closed Form of mental illness. PPM in CF minimally dangerous to society and individuals.

OF — Open Form of mental illness. Under certain conditions, if the PPM will think you” provoke” him or something else, then the symptoms will go out and become a danger to others. Unreasonable Aggression becomes abuse or even physical health injuries.

UA — Unreasonable Aggression. The most unpleasant and frequent symptom, which can be found at the AF more often. Although this symptom is characteristic of other forms, but AF has this symptom prevalent, i.e., the first reaction to the event.

MDS — Manic-Depressive Syndrome is typical for DF. When PPM feels his majesty, then he or she behaves the most normal of all types. If AF is ready almost to tear those with whom communicate, including employees, the DF provides all that is necessary to man. But also, it may occur and UA at the wrong behavior and even UK. But first symptom — is MDS. This form can be respected, with great reserve, because PPMs try to keep something from human — “greatness.” Respond well to psychotherapy, because do not attack each GCJ as AF.

UM — Unreasonable (Thinkless) Majesty — the same as the MDC.

UK — Unreasonable (Thinkless) Kindness characterized KF. KF is easier to communicate than AF, more amenable to psychotherapy. The first reaction of all — UK. KF has all the manifestations of the PPM, as well as others, but the prevailing — UK.

CT — Contact Type of PPM. Symptoms require the contact whiles communicate with others.

NT — Noncontact Type of PPM. Symptoms do not require contact with others — or is the impact on HS, which can be like magic, or is the impact of such a trap only for the psyche.

MCT — Material Contact Type of PPM.

PCT — Psychic Contact Type of PPM.

MNT — Material Noncontact Type of PPM.

PNT — Psychic Noncontact Type of PPM.

AHM recommends replacing the word “soul” to the word “psyche” in communion with the disposition to PPM. One of the tasks AHM — talk fluent about the human psyche. Therefore, these revolutions as “sold the soul” or “stole the soul,” can lead to OF PPM and require special therapy, and turns like “sold sick psyche” sounds more objectively, accurately, and do not provoke OF PPM. What is sold sick psyche means? Been cured?) Another example. The phrase: “They have stolen My soul!” Sounds pretty scary and understand more do not want to, and the phrase: “They have stolen my healthy psyche!” Is already very clear to many. AHM explains it from a scientific point of view. For example, they are — it is grandparents who provoked PPM for granddaughter from childhood and other symptoms such as unreasonable anxiety and other. Frequent symptoms of PPM provoking for the child’s mind is very dangerous and easily cripple it, restore the psyche then is very difficult and only by AHM possible if the step is not hard (in this case, the success rate decreases). The current legislation is difficult to prove, but provable criminal offense. You can also send by the law grandmother and grandfather for treatment for the protection of the child’s psyche. This issue is discussed in one of the chapters in more detail.

AHM also recommends writing pronouns, when it comes about Mentally Health Persons, even Children with a capital letter. It is AHM TCPO.

TNM –Treatment by Non-violent Methods. The main methods of non-violent are treatment non-violent AHM psychotherapy.

SNM — Submission by Non-violent Methods. The main methods of non-violent are submissive non-violent AHM psychotherapy. Either complete the TNM or PPM is not on a voluntary contact, or there is no time or place in non-violent chambers.

TNB or VNB — Treatment Nonviolent Branch or the Voluntary Nonviolent Branch. It is almost MHPs.

TSNB — Treatment-Submissive Nonviolent Branch.

SNB — Submissive Nonviolent Branch.

NP AHM — Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

ENP AHM — Experimental Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

SNP AHM — Submissive Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

TSNP AHM — Treatment-Submissive Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

TNP AHM — Treatment Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

RNP AHM — Regenerative Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

FNP AHM — Firming Nonviolent AHM Psychotherapy.

PPE — Psychic Persons Energy.

Basic types of humans with ppm

Mentally ill people or PPMs have all symptoms: Unreasonable and Thoughtless Majesty (UM or MDS), Unreasonable and Thoughtless Kindness (UK), Unreasonable and Thoughtless Aggression (UA). All these symptoms are because of Particularly-Primitive type of Mind. For GCM true — that He or She has natural manifestations of kindness, greatness and aggression. For example, a lion in the wild with a healthy psyche begins to growl at a jackal that comes to its territory and wants to steal the lion kids. This display-based aggression, which is typical for a healthy psyche. Mother lion brings kids food. This is a manifestation of Reasonable and Deliberate Kindness, which are characteristic of a healthy psyche. Adult man with PPM can envy of the child, who eat ice cream and can offending child or spoil Him/Her mood, or even push away. If to think about — the adult PPM had money to buy 100 such ice creams or more! MHP is difficult to understand how it is, in general, can irritate this PPM. Well, there is a child eating ice cream and so what, well, there is an adult eating ice cream, and so what?? It will become clear in the following chapters of the Crutches of Public Opinion (CPO) and Superiority Complex (SC). Now will accept this as a fact!

All manifestations of the PPM — Unreasonable and Thoughtless displays of Kindness, of Aggression, of Greatness or Majesty are the mentally ill symptoms of PPM. In example, with the lion and lion kids and the difference are clearly visible. In the first case of its Deliberate and Limited Aggression (the lion had not rushed for jackal and killed him, realizing that there are a lot of jackals, and only did not let jackal get lion kids) lion scared jackals and save lives and health of his kids, and the old-PPM pushed into a puddle innocent Child who ate ice cream and didn’t anything bad for that PPM did not even noticed. In both situations, it is aggression, but in the first case, it is Deliberate and Reasonable, and is a sign of mental health, and in the second case is Unreasonable and Thoughtless — UA and is a symptom of mental illness or PPM.

The same thing with manifestations of kindness and greatness. In some situations, this is a sign of mental health, if it is thought out and reasonable and in the other way — a symptom of the PPM. This shows that the root of the MDS (UM), UA and KF (UK) is a PPM or Particularly-Primitive type of Mind, which can operate only PPJs, and not capable of perceiving GCJ, even in a limited form. This is the “absence of mind” or “madness” or scientifically — PPM. By eliminating the PPM, which is not so difficult and making the transition to the GCM, the person becomes mentally healthy. The most difficult thing in psychotherapy — is the recognition of PPM, its symptoms, and work on them, as well as public opposition, when someone work on GCM. In the eyes of the people with the PPM, GCM very smart and they had to envy and try to destroy the GCM. In reality, GCM — a person who has the ordinary mind and the problem is that the PPM did not have a mind at all, so any sensible children thought may cause long-term war with this Child for example. PPMs dangerous, especially for the innocent Children who have not yet lost their GCM that has not yet had time to develop and get stronger.

Basic classification of ppms: kf, df, af

Kind Form or KF. Here prevails Unreasonable Kindness (UK). KF can manifest all the symptoms: UK, UA, UM or MDS, but the first reaction of all — is UK. The same situation is with other forms of primary or basic classification of PPMs. The question is: “What’s wrong with Unreasonable Kindness (UK)?” This “kindness” can easily be an objective evil, if, for example, KF helps AF. This “kindness” may be such an example: “When the royal children by Nicholas 2nd were shot and other Kids, not only royal, just talented, fed AF bullets to shot all the Children hoping bright and rich future in Russia will come.” Unfortunately, PPMs of that time did not know where it leads, because Children were shot on the one sign — who is talented, go to the wall and get bullets. Without Talented People who were shot and Talented Children, was no one to make a rich future in Russia. Any MHP clear that talented People and Children are almost the most important asset of Russia! About Russian idiotism in this period in the last chapters. It has long been in Russia and still shooting children changed to the destruction of a healthy kids psyche and, therefore, the talent, destiny and life. The author believes that it is a criminal and political crime against Russia, a crime against humanity and Children, which has no statute of limitations. Difficult to prove, but demonstrable, like all crimes.

Of course, these methods are not just born of nothing! Soviet “non-violent idiots hospital” was organized by enemies of Russia: Europe, America, England… At the beginning of the 20th century non-violent methods have been tested on Russia. Methods were not perfect. However, it proved to be very effective in provoking the destruction of Russia from the inside, which takes place to this day. The institutions of developed countries, these methods continue to evolve, and non-violent revolutions are arranged, for example, in Ukraine.

Why AHM is cool? AHM against these methods as weapons of the Roman legionaries against crowds with clubs and cones! AHM should teach everyone who values his psyche, who loves his psyche, and who wants to be called a Man with a capital letter! Become an AHM PRO not very difficult! Jung classification KF — is “Good Extrovert.” Emotions are constantly outside, trying to do something good for others, but do not want to think about what he or she doing and it become UK, which may be worse than the evil. Universal response — is to think. In one of the following chapters will be shown a pattern by which person can make from PPJ, GCJ in medical sense.

Depressive Form or DF. The same mechanism, but the prevalent symptom — Manic-Depressive Syndrome (MDS) or Unreasonable and Unwise Majesty (UM). If you act with respect to DF or simply as a human, it is possible to find a common language and make friendship in some sense. True friendship — the concept of higher levels of Human Psyche and possible only between GCMs, this will be discussed further. Link to the world NLP, the film “Big Fish”, an episode of the giant, when the main character found a common language and made friends. The protagonist — KF, Giant — DF. Remember that “Big Fish” was created by guys who likes KF and don’t understand deep DF, so Giant is DF in KF point of view. DF in DF point of view — other movie. Victor, “Underworld”.

This type is more harmless and humbled himself, he does not attack all the time, and first looks for his greatness, and only if the other is trying to touch greatness, then it may appear UA. First, some inner greatness, then possible Unreasonable Aggression (UA). DF need to constantly “recharged” — getting a CPOs. With DF psychotherapy can be much more effective than with AF and, even, with KF because DF is prone to reflections. Usually, many of DFs make their DF defending themselves against the AF from school. This form can be respected for what they are trying to save at least something human, their greatness, KF can be respected for what they are trying to keep the “kindness”, as the human manifestation. In psychotherapy, you can send these forms, showing what is currently true kindness and true greatness of MHPs and it can be very effective! Now we are start talking about most unpleasant form — AF, which has in AHM nickname — bacillus of idiocy. AF should be constantly humble, and then it will be possible to “communicate”, otherwise, say idiotism and leave. For the child’s mind, this stuff can be very dangerous for an adult formed psyche — only unpleasant.

Aggressive Form or AF. The main symptom — Unreasonable Aggression (UA). This symptom appears as Crutch of Sick Mentality (CSM). It should cause others, often Children emotional, psychological or physical harm. Only after the successful manifestation of UA the PPM may consider himself mentally healthy for short time, though, it’s certainly not real. The basic mechanism: PPM AF sees that another person has something, it immediately splits PPM in his insane world, because any mentally ill — it is deeply unfortunate and absolutely poor person who does not have anything in this world, but his analysis of invisible mental illness. And any PPM glimpse into the world of their own is absolutely impossible — immediately Superiority Complex (SC) says: “Let’s fight, you prove that you have something worse than the others!” And then appears UA — a symptom of mental disorders. PPM invents an imaginary battle, limited mental illness and trying to win. Winning this fight a non-existent, says the disease — you are normal (healthy) and then at some time received PPM Crutches of Sick Mentality (CSM) or CPOs. Then again, it is necessary to invent an imaginary battle, the cruelty and the legitimacy humble only CPOs from insight. AF is certainly dangerous, but for AHM PRO they are like kids in the kid-arena: they cannot go beyond their mentally ill world and it gives the power of psychotherapy.

Additional or secondary classification of ppms: contacts, contactless, (material/psychic)

That classification becomes clear in the articles, which are devoted to an analysis of the world NLP in movies and computer games. This book will include only some of the most interesting and useful for understanding movies with the world NLP sense. In reality, the world NLP is in almost every picture, especially popular. AHM does, even this assumption — that the more interesting and original NLP incorporated in the film — so it captures the imagination more and film more popular. Statistics data confirm this assumption. All films include in this book is not possible and makes no sense. Many AHM Skilled and PRO leave their reviews online and other sources. The higher the AHM skills, the more accurate will be all painted up to 100 percent hit. So, back to the scientific classification of PPMs that called “Additional Classification of PPMs”. Let the readers are not afraid of the word “scientific”. AHM created precisely in order that anyone could make sense of what is the Human Psyche without additional knowledge, which, of course, will only strengthen AHM and once again confirm for each person that AHM — it The Flagship of World Psychology.

The Additional Classification of PPMs will help to understand the example. AF does not want to give a child a possibility to ride on a bicycle. There was envy of the child and as a consequence — UA. PPM wants to express his UA on an innocent Child. What would the PPMs of AF but different types do?

PPM AF Material Contact Type (MCT) — Would have to wait until the child sit on the bicycle and would have kicked him to broke the bicycle. Those. Wait for physical contact.

PPM AF Psychic Contact Type (PCT) — Would have to wait for a chat and would tell a story that would be planted in the child’s unreasonable anxiety (these conditions injure the psyche of Children, sometimes forever) at the memory of the bicycle and Kid will fall down when try to drive bicycle.

PPM AF Material Noncontact Type (MNT) — Would cut bicycles brakes and he went on a fishing trip. The child would have sat on the bicycle and fall down.

PPM AF Psychic Noncontact Type (PNT) — Planted to child video tape as a monster eats all children who want to ride their bicycles to create unreasonable anxiety dangerous for the psyche of the Child, and would go fishing at this time.

From the title it is clear on what is aggression focuses — on the psyche and physical health, property. Contact and Noncontact types should also be clear from the title. It is like near and long-range combat.

There are four types of Secondary Classification of PPMs: MCT, PCT, MNTPNT.

The percentage of ppm-gcm

Each PPM believes that if the conversation turned to his/her symptoms, it is necessary to defend themselves. But in psychology is no such thing as “defend”, “fight”, “war”, etc. The first standard question when talk comes to mental illness: “You think that everybody insane?” PPM expects that the question his “opponent” will not be able to answer and the PPM will go with the “victory”. In fact, the only “victory”, which can be viewed in psychology — a cure of Particularly-Primitive type of Mind. Mental illness can be considered as the effects of sin in varying degrees and forms. Nobody admits if he wants to seem normal, for example, that he watched adult movies and has long been proven that it is traumatic for the human psyche. Now answer the question about the intimate relationship in terms of AHM. If it is closer to the ideal: husband, wife, love, happiness, then intimacy causes less harm to the psyche, and if it is close enough to the ideal, it may have the opposite — positive (improvement) effect for Human Psyche. Similarly, everything related to PPM people won’t talk others. But the PPM won’t disappear in the air if not to talk about this problem! It’s like the flu or acute respiratory disease that should be treated and, if the flu will pass with time, the PPM itself will not go away. However, for those people who love themselves Psyche and want to understand AHM better give some answers and explanations.

As to the question: “What? Are all around mentally sick?” This question is primitive: everyone or no one. A more complicated question would be 10 percent to 90 percent or 30 percent to 70 percent. So it is a primitive judgment! This question is particular: “If so, I think everyone around sick, if not — healthy.” This is a pure PPJ which talks about generalized area. By the scheme” Conformity of Healthy-Sick Psyche” shown below, you will be able to more accurately categorize this PPJ. The fact that this primitive question is symptom of mental illness (PPJ), and answer is not important, but it is necessary to carry out a non-violent psychotherapy about this PPM, or say that it is PPJ if the person is adequate! However, you can answer this way: “If symptoms of PPM are — in fact the diagnosis is! This is how the law of attraction. It will operate for one apple for 10 apples for 1000 apples, at least for all”. AHM PRO preliminary diagnosis takes 1 minute to an hour, maybe more. Sometimes it requires long-term observations. Even AHM PRO can’t make diagnostics for all people in the world! In addition AHM PRO time is very expensive! Now it is clear that this issue generated by PPMs not to say about their symptoms. Statistics, based on scientific data is not comforting — many PPMs were checked in all layers of the population, and in many public places.

It is cool! All statements are based on the scientific facts with 100 percents of truth, which cannot argue, even PPMs. But, nevertheless, we have to make a small pseudo-scientific hypothesis to explain who is considered PPM, and who is considered and is GCM or MHP from positions of AHM.

Chart 1. Percentage of PPM-GCM.

This scientific assumption is that there cannot be 100 percentage GCMs or 100 percentage PPMs among people. Then let 100 percentage GCMs — Mentally Healthy Angels, and 100 percentage PPMs — mentally ill angels. The graph of the PPM and the GCM is committed to 100 percent.

The Green Line (marked with a green dot) — the development of GCM.

Red Line (marked with a red dot) — the development of mental illness or PPM.

Region 1 on the chart. The child prone to GCM, since childhood tends in this direction, constantly strengthening and shaping his or her GCM. Prone to the PPM, on the contrary. This schedule is presented without any surrounding influences, which can be very dangerous for the psyche of the child. Others with PPM constantly envy Childs mind (GCM) and start from childhood to injure the psyche, consciously, hard provable methods under existing legislation. In order to injure Kids psyche must be to provoke one of the symptoms: UA, alarm state of mind (unreasonable anxiety), MDS, and any PPJs. If this is to provoke a lot of times, the child becomes PPM or insane. In addition to the child’s mind injuries, added the destructive action of the system in which a lot of dangers. All this is well known: alcohol, drugs, adult movies, etc. Also, the world of NLP purports to destroy the psyche of the child and give him or her CPOs, which is not work so well in Russia.

Region 2 on the chart. Improving GCM when man loves and knows how to think (i.e. have GCM or GCJs) and injuries from the outside world are not serious or avoided.

Region 3 on the chart. The deterioration of the GCM.

Region 4 on the chart. Reducing the PPM or the process of non-violent psychological treatment.

Region 5 on the graph. The worsening of the PPM. Usually, it’s so secret from others, that even talking about it hard to start.

Definitions of AHM: GCM and PPM.

MHP or GCM can be named the Person who has the GCJ that take precedence in all judgments.

PPM or mentally ill may be named the one who has not GCJs take precedence in all judgments, because GCM does not exist. Always prevail PPJs.

When it comes about PPM, it should be understood — or he sits on the CPOs, or flew off the “coils”. CPOs is the scientific name of “coils”. I flew off the coils called TLCPO, LLCPO, PLCPO. See. Ch. “Glossary”.

In the chart of PPM (below), you can select some areas, when it comes about personality type, and when it comes about mentally ill person. Then closer the graph of PPM to the centerline, then more confident you can talk about the type of personality, rather than mental illness. Personality is multifaceted as the GCM. The larger percentage of GCJs prevail in judgment, even over time, the more Person can be called Person from big letter, who does not withdraw from his inner world or Personal Human Space.

It is well evident principles of relativity apply to the Human Psyche. Let us examine the possible stages. Man or GCM or Personality (which can only be mentally healthy, than higher percentage of GCM or mental health — then applicability of the word “Personality”), after “Personality Type” (can be used not to be offended in advance, the phrase: “I’m interested in the type of this person” it sounds better and more intelligently than “I understand the form of your mental illness”), which enslaved by PPM, after form of PPM, after temporary or permanent lost of CPOs.

Personality or GCM — always multifaceted, as are the PPJs. A form of the PPM always alone, because it is limited way. There are three ways with different variations, which are presented in AHM classification: KF, DFAF.

Ahm classification of personality types

The Classification of Personality Types or Classification of the PPMs — are one and the same. This is the most complete and accurate classification that has ever existed. More precise and easier just cannot to be. As stated at the end of the last chapter: “Personality — is always GCM or MHP, multifaceted and unclassifiable”. Therefore AHM classification includes PPMs and PPMs with developing GCM. Such PPMs can be called as follows: Type of Human Personality (THP), realizing that for the full personality requires full healthy GCM. However, a bit of GCM — this is great thing!

Here are the main possible stages, depending on the different percentages of the PPM and the GCM.

1) PPMs with Permanent/Long/Temporary loss of SCPOs or CPOs. This category is not capable or not fully able-bodied people who have OF of PPM and it cannot go in the CF of PPM.

2) PPMs on SCPOs. These are people who have symptoms of the PPM are very similar to the OF, but the same PPMs approve each of the symptom, and it gives the patient’s psyche wonderful, but temporary opportunity — to feel normal. What it is normal for PPMs not normal for Mental Healthy, but it cannot take into account of the PPM and PPM feels temporarily healthy (normal), although it is, of course, an illusion. Normally he is only among the same PPMs, but in reality ill. Hence, such a hatred of mental health and, especially, the weakest members of Mentally Health — Children.

3) PPMs on CPOs. These are people who have learned to use CPOs so well that are sometimes difficult to distinguish from MHP. This category can be studied by world notorious films. There are many forms, types, etc. presented there.

4) PPMs on CPOs + TCPOs — acts nonviolent psychotherapy. TCPOs forced to access to NPSs and develop them.

5) PPMs on CPOs + TCPOs + shoots of GCM. Here we can talk about the beginnings of Personality or GCM, as the basic unit of construction of Personality (Personality can only be Mentally Healthy, in other cases — a form of the PPM). Action strait nonviolent AHM psychotherapy has already yielded results and revived GCM. Now can act-strait medical and therapeutic AHM psychotherapy to GCM could be strengthened.

6) PPM on TCPOs (fully redirected from CPOs) + GCM entrenched. Could be told about the Type of Personality that formed by TCPOs + GCM. This is the final straight to GCM totally formed or to MHP.

7) GCM + TCPOs. MHP, which were mental trauma from childhood and not only. So, sometimes, it is necessary to move person on TCPOs to get back on his/her NPSs or GCM.

8) GCM — multi-faceted Personality with an established Healthy Psyche or in other words MHP.

4, 5 and 6 points can be called Type of Personality and write instead of PPM in the diagnosis “THP DF”, for example. Because lived all his life with MDS or UM, cured GCM gets a bit Introvert, a bit Good and a bit Angry Extrovert, plus a Man with a capital letter.

How to make a preliminary diagnosis

In England, during the Victorian era, arsenic can be bought without a prescription and poisoning did not have any responsibility. It has become very popular because of impunity. But then the problem was solved and equated poisoning to the murder of other types.

Until now, for the conscious application of psychic trauma surrounding people no responsibility. This leads to a plurality of suicide and mental health disabilities of different degrees. The reason for this is that it is very difficult to prove and to punish those responsible. But AHM put an end to it. Scientific base of AHM that only structured and refined knowledge of psychology will be enough for any court. Also, it would be modified existing laws if necessary. These crimes can be proved already under articles of the Criminal Code of Russia. Unfortunately, these crimes are affected mainly Children, who have become the mainstay of Russia in all spheres. And Children cannot protect themselves from it, because they do not understand even what is happening. Most mental trauma in childhood are very serious and lead to many problems: suicide, drug addiction, alcohol, broken destinies, even those who seemed to look more or less successful. It all added up to the backlog of Russia in many economic and other indicators.

It is best seen in the world NLP, how injure the psyche of the movie “The Truman Show.” Example: to provoke anxiety, which already are symptoms PPM and because of frequent provoke the mind can be destroyed totally. These conditions provoked surrounding people to Truman since childhood, when he wanted to go to the water. First, there was a dog that frightened the child, and then created a scene in which Truman lost his fiction father. NLP description of this film will not be included here because every experienced in AHM easily able to get it by himself like any other picture and description of “The Truman Show” NLP can take a separate book. It is important that this happens in real life, and may fall under the article of the Criminal Code, “incitement to suicide” and others.

The solution is to make such crimes easily punishable offense. Of course, it’s not all measures! Impunity is very high and major criminals remain on the sidelines. More about this in a later chapter.

As already mentioned, most of all suffers from PPMs children’s psyche. Children who need to be supported and Russia hope become, at best, cogs in a system that is designed mostly not Russians. All those who had to build a Ferrari-Russia, Bosch-Russia, Maserati-Russia were either physically destroyed during the time from 1917 or maimed (psyche) from childhood because of envy surrounding PPMs. Therefore it is very important that children learn to stand up for themselves and for the most precious thing they have — Their Healthy Psyche. With AHM it is possible and very effective!

It is important to know with whom you are communicating:

First you need to understand if you are dealing with PPM or GCM! It is not difficult for those who have learned the difference between GCJ and PPJ. If the PPM is proven, then proceed to the next phase. AHM counts Man Mentally Healthy if after every PPJ may appear or appears GCJ. On the contrary person is mentally ill if there is PPJ after every GCJ. This is due to the fact that there can be 100 percent GCM and 100 percent of PPM related humans, as an absolute value. Even GCM can do something not clever. Even Mentally Ill Person can think and do something smart… Determine what judgments operates person can quite easily in the conversation (experiment) or short-term observation. For AHM PRO it is easy, but you first need to become AHM PRO.

Next — basic classification of the PPMs. You must understand: KF, DF or AF. It fit all kinds of observations: short-term, long-term, and included. It is necessary to see what the persons first reaction to the new situation. You can use this method. Respond, who wants to appear this person: kind (KF), terrible (AF), majestic (DF). Remember that AF sometimes can be noncontact, and don’t confuse with the DF. Most owners of DF as a child were trying to shut out of Unreasonable Aggression in favorite business, which for some reason destroyed. Children do not know the psychology and AHM and cannot understand how dangerous and damaging to children’s psyche techniques that in use of surrounding PPMs. At one point, children start to be afraid to look at the matter, which could be their sense of life: air and car designers, amateurs… The reason is that in the mind of a child his hobby became associated with injuries that were inflicted mainly by AF of banal envy the future success and excellence. That way most Children injured since childhood. It is not easy to prove in court and put the culprits into prison. The Authors believe that it is a criminal and a war crime and a crime against humanity and Children. But it is difficult to prove. Set diagnosis with AHM and learn how to use nonviolent hygiene is much more real and more effective. Many PPMs can start running away from you, though, they poured hot coals into pants just because you know their diagnosis. ATTENTION! For PPMs is the main war — knock from CPOs each other, so to set the diagnosis for PPM and nonviolent psychotherapy can be perceived as an attack and a response will be forthcoming. Either in the form and type of disease or in the form and type of non-violent therapy. Very carefully examine AHM before any actions and it is good to continually upgrade Your skills. With base of AHM for You anything tricky doctrine, disguised NLP will be recognize very easily. But be very careful! PPM can cause not only psychological but also physical harm if the disease goes into an Open Form (OF).

Now go to the additional classification of PPMs of secondary classification — it PPM type: MCT, PCT, MNT, PNT. All cuts of the first chapters You need to learn if You want to understand so difficult and, at the same time so easy and clear area, as the Human Psyche. Clarity is here only because of AHM for today. Further additional classification of PPMs can be found in the chapter “BASIC TYPES OF HUMANS WITH PPM”. It is important to understand that the PPM cannot be 100 percent with symptom UA, it can sometimes occur other symptoms, which are in each PPM. All symptoms: UA, UM, UK — are the result of PPM. All this is a manifestation of quite healthy aspects of life: the aggression to the enemy, goodness to friends, and the greatness of Human. And only PPM makes symptoms of mental ill from these manifestations. Example. The girl, who all her life stood on CPOs and learned to express her UA. The more she learned this, the more dependent of CPOs and PPM was growing stronger. All she knew how — beat from back weak innocent Children. Who else has admitted from the back the PPM!? Just Kids! This is example of UA. After Kid bitten, disabled psyche told her: “You mentally healthy don’t worry continue bit Kids!” It is like drugs. She needs this illusion every day every moment.

The last step — to determine whether the PPM stands on Crutches of the Public Opinion (CPOs) and which of them. Look in the glossary. This is a very important reduction since this is the final procedure of the diagnosis that let You live happily, richly and with the Healthy Psyche. Knowing the diagnosis of PPM you can avoid a lot of problems in all spheres of life and achieve success, which are so afraid PPMs, but only of the success that is stable and durable. Therefore, the most red flag (like for the bulls) for PPMs — is the beginning of success in any business, even about Kids. CPOs or ECPOs — Crutches of Public Opinion of Crutches of Sick Mentality (CSM), which allow people to behave as MHPs. GCM does not need these crutches as the PPM, his mind has natural mind and wisdom supports. CPOs or ECPOs included inside the world NLP, which is encrypted, almost in every famous movie, computer game. The more interesting NLP — the more popular game or movie! There are SCPOs — a Soviet Crutches of Public Opinion, which is very similar to an Open Form of mental illness. Symptoms appear almost without disguise, as they are, at the slightest occasion to envy. If NLP teaches how to mask and the situations in which it can be exercised, and where better to abstain, then PPMs on SCPOs — like open books for the study of mental illness. More options can be: TLCPOs, LLCPOs, and PLCPOs. There are cases that require a complete physical intervention and specialists with specific profile. All these cases are considered and studied the length and breadth. For AHM much greater interest is those who confidently stand on CPOs or even GCM a bit. Here nonviolent AHM psychotherapy is most effective and applicable. Treatment of mental illness is simple: in fact it is necessary to transfer the patient from CPOs to AHM TCPOs that gives the beginning of strengthen GCM with simple tasks to complex problems. But department into TCPOs effective only if desired and the recognition of his or her symptoms by the patient. This is the main difficulty and specificity of this type of disease. There are three levels of CPOs, which is applicable only to the ECPOs: good (L — Large), medium (M — Middle) and bad (S – Small). Example entries: CPO (L) — it means PPM stands on good CPOs and similar to the MHP. An example of a complete record: PPM DF PNT CPO (L).

SUMMARY: In order to make a diagnosis of mental illness or state the fact of mental health is necessary to perform four stages, which are defined above.

{PPM|GCM} (1) — (GCM or MHP — a Person, for whom there cannot be the classification because of versatility GCM, classification lasts only if PPM) —

{KF|DF|AF} (2) —



You have to choose one of the definitions from curly brackets to get a full diagnosis of mental illness. PPM — this is like one gyrus, which cannot be developed in several directions. Therefore, for the outer shells is someone focused path. If the Personality is multifaceted, it cannot be completely PPM — that’s GCM or PPM, who is on the mend. There are not important statuses positions. It’s like at a reception at the therapist. Symptoms of ARI are — means ARI is, the symptoms of SARS are — means SARS is, flu-like symptoms are — means flu is, if symptoms of PPM are — means PPM is.

EXAMPLE: Someone — PPM-AF-MNT-ECOM. You always know that the PPM is constantly wants to express his/her UA and showing him/her anything, immediately starts mechanism of “envy-PPJ-UA.” But this PPM characteristic with contactless physical manifestations, so he/she will spoil physically what he saw, You may hide it for a while if it is necessary, until PPMs Opened Form will be over. AF will not be remembered for a long time what he/she envy. ECPOs — means that this PPMs important to stay in front of the others is not an idiot, and look like MHP. You cannot communicate for some time in this situation and try not to remind and not to show something called envy, which for PPMs works as a catalyst and as well as other primitive signs. Can only envy the Child due to the fact that He or She was eating ice cream. PPM does not understand that he is an adult body and should not compete with a Child and he can buy a truck of ice creams, but if the PPM, for example, the PPM-AF-MCT-SCPO, there is no doubt that he/she pushes Child in a pool with ice cream, because he or she contact type and SCPOs like Opened Form — symptoms appears immediately. If the Child responds incorrectly, the OF may worsen and cause more physical harm to the Child. But it’s hard to say which is worse mental trauma in childhood or physical. And they both can lead to the collapse of fate, the problems in all areas, to poverty, alcohol and drugs. And it all falls apart, not only individuals but their families and also Russia as a whole, which cannot be weak, when the whole world “plays” in their non-violent games all against one — Russia! The sanctions have been one of the first moves. Either Russia will be strong enough in the non-violent struggle or not will stand against the whole world.

Let us recall one well-known expression: “Clinical idiots have to stick together, otherwise they will not survive!” and have been translated into more scientific language with AHM. PPMs need a team to injure the psyche of Children and exist in this world. One PPM pretty safe, even for beginners of AHM. PPM Teams will be discussed most clearly in chapter Global NLP in movies. Understanding not only the symptoms of a separate PPM, but also a team game, you can build for Yourself and Friends impenetrable defense, which is essential for those who become GCM. AHM PRO can handle this task. Obstruction protection is that in order to express the UA, for example, to the Friends of GCM the PPM have to win the fight in their symptoms inside his PPMs mentally ill world. What is impossible without TMPHS. See. Ch. “Glossary”.

Another feature that can be added to the diagnosis of PPM. PPMs mask. For instance, PPM AF understands that if everyone around will know that it can be obtained only Unreasonable Aggression from him, no one will talk to him and no one turns his back to strike. Therefore, to “deceive” Children, PPMs wear masks: either Kind Mask (KM) or Depressive Mask (DM). Sometimes, PPMs KF, Responsive Extroverts, very annoying that others constantly asks them about something, and they can wear a mask: DM or AM. As a result, the diagnosis will be written as:




Method for Beginner in AHM. Answer the question: “What wants to appear PPM: kind, magnificent or terrible?” Accordingly, the proposed form of the preliminary diagnosis, which can serve as a good starting point: KF, DFAF.

Health card of ppm

In order to be successful in today’s society mostly need to understand exactly whom You are talking to. The first PPM or GCM. If the PPM, then You should know Primary and Secondary Classification of PPMs and what CPOs are they use to exist. And also to understand what to expect from single PPM and in the company of other PPMs. Chapter about PPM-Commands later. The more precisely this understanding, the more problems You will avoid in Your life. But for an accurate diagnosis, even AHM PRO needed long-term observations. It is not always possible to see PPM symptoms immediately, because AF for example knows that this is not normal, to express his or her Unreasonable Aggression and attempts to disguise it with “sheep’s mask”: displays KF symptoms or contactless AF is easily confused with the DF. All this obviously for experienced in AHM.

Talking about DF and KF an unjustified aggression can provoked. The classic and clear example of DF will use from the film “Route 60” — the man with dynamite, which is ready to explode all around, as soon as he learns that there is a false. This film would be good to watch, because there is very informative world NLP hidden inside. This film will be more fully explained in the following contents of the book. KF very easily provoked UA. AF is asking for help KF and KF becomes an accomplice of the evil deeds. One good example in the movie “Big Fish.” The main character — KF on the good ECPOs, who can negotiate with anyone. He helps former poet in a bank robbery. Former poet — this AF and didn’t write even one page of his poems and finally elected aggressive path. Thus, KF shows unfounded and reckless aggression to the bank’s employees and customers with the aim to do well and help an old “friend”.

This shows that beginners of AHM there are something to understand, but it becomes a matter of technique for any healthy mind. A little practice and You have already Experienced AHM, and then AHM PRO, who can make an accurate diagnosis of PPM in record time.

Long-term or longitudinal observations are essential for understanding what is prevalent symptom. GCM or MHP can be multi-faceted and unclassifiable and PPM is, figuratively speaking, a meander, which runs only in one direction: goodness, aggression or greatness. If confirmed, that PPM is it means that the person or AF (evil) in all situations, except when it is necessary to wear a “sheep’s mask”, or KF (should always help others in some form) or DF (closer to GCM form, get mind with CPOs help).

The meaning of long-term observations to find out what prevalent symptoms is and accurately diagnose PPM. Here is an exemplary form of virtual or real health card.


Name.Sername. Fathersname.: ***** ***** *****

(optional fields — the beginning)

Date of Birth: **.**.****

Where he met: on birthday

Relationship to: mate

(optional fields — the end)

Preliminary diagnosis (PPM / GCM): PPM

Form of PPMAF

Type of PPMMCT



Every situation that may seem interesting has to be fixed. In this situation, can be identified in due course symptoms of PPM: PPJs, UA, UM, UK, etc. Or signs of GCM: thought decisions and other GCJs. If it is clear that GCM — You are lucky and there is an interesting Person with whom You can talk, whom You can trust.


For example, the healthy card is full and diagnosed. What does this mean? If PPM AF — not easy to agree and to talk like GCMs, because UA will be appeared on everything around every day every hour, it’s like the flu sneezing — constantly! Physical contact type indicates that the PPM is easy to enter the fray and can cause harm to health or property. SCPOs says that PPM is not shy about his symptoms Unwarranted Aggression and will not hide it. One of the most effective non-violent psychotherapies for this type — do not give rise to envy: it can be Your mobile phone, car, ice cream, which You bought or coffee that You drink. Rather interesting dialogue got a lot of problems that You do not need. Knowing and understanding this before can be very helpful. If communication is necessary with this type, you can use non-violent psychotherapy called SHOWOFFPSYCHOTHERAPY it is necessary to give PPM envy to several empty facts of Your life all the time and effort wasted PPM, but not to cause harm to Your life, property and plans.

Example. In your life there is something good, you bought a new car. Let the Swedish crossover. In the page on the social network posted a photo where You sitting behind the wheel in Lamborghini Avendator (friend, dealer, leasing — it does not matter!) — This is a powerful and stylish Italian car, good for European roads, but not for Russia. PPM AF, with which you will have to meet have heard that you have upgraded the machine and immediately wants to express his UA. He prepares some unpleasant phrases for a meeting about the car, which is seen in a social network and thinking You bought Lamborghini. When you meet him, you hear: " Lamborghini is not good car — You can’t get countryside”, “any rut — and new Lamborghini”, “sleeping policeman did not move in — it is necessary to look for a workaround.” If you bought Lamborghini, these phrases could stay with you for a long time, and instead of enjoying a good ride on Lamborghini, every time you have to think about this unpleasant PPM AF, who told you this shit. Of course for GCM it is not as critical as for PPM, but definitely unpleasant! But you bought another car and on the first bad comment you would answer: “With the clearance 230 somehow sleeping policeman will go through!” All unjustified aggression or UA of PPM — merged in his patient’s inner world, like feces in the toilet and the PPM was quiet for a time, waiting for the right moment, when you turn your back on him. As long as the PPM is not cured and no signs of GCM, the symptoms will always be manifested as cough and runny nose for colds. At certain points PPMs symptoms may be hidden from Your eyes when he or she cannot put ‘hit’ You in the back with impunity.

Especially suffer from PPMs AF innocent CHILDREN.

You can take notes on paper, you can use the virtual health card to make an accurate scientific diagnosis and predict PPMs primitive moves, not giving to ruin Your Live.

Model of the human psyche

Simplified model of personal human space (smphs)

Mentally Healthy Person is considered as the Tsar of His Personal Space (PS).

With a higher level (closer to the Tsar) to a lower:


2) Level: WISDOM.

3) Level: MIND.

4) Level: PHYSICAL (BODY).


Total model of personal human space (tmphs)

Also, as in the SMPHS, MHP is seen as Tsar of his Personal Space (PS).

Scheme 1. Model — “Healthy Human Psyche”.

This is model of Personal Space of Mentally Healthy Persons. Particularly-Primitive type of Mind cannot allowed touching even the lowest levels of Healthy Human Psyche. Low levels — is incomprehensible, the higher is incomprehensible inconceivable, etc.




LEVEL 4 (grey): Controlled area, apartment, house, a table in a cafe, car, and boat!

SMPHS and TMPHS — are models of a Healthy Psyche. A Healthy Mind is based on GCMs “different exposure.” Wisdom is incomprehensible without Mind, because there is nothing to understand with. Higher levels are also based on the Mind or GCM or GCJs.

GCMs for a healthy psyche — it is like the foundation, like a brick and the tree from which everything else is built. To see the difference between the model of Mentally Healthy and mentally ill man, give an analogy. GCJ — it’s like a small light source, and the PPJ — is a meander, which does not understand which way to turn. The inner world of the mentally ill, which cannot be called a model of personality (Personality can be only Mentally Healthy), looks like a mess of many, many unpleasant and ugly PPJs at all levels similar TMHPS. In contrast, the inner world of MHP looks like a lot of light sources of different color at all levels of TMHPS that build one beautiful Picture, which is called Human.

Every thoughtful Person, who noticed that the inspiration level — a level that could be called the level of Love, but AHM consciously don’t use this word. Why? It will be seen from the next chapter, discussion about love with PPM may provoke an Opened Form.

In Love there are no PPJs, it is based on GCJs and this can be explained except that the analogy with light sources (GCJs) of MHP, which are build His/Her inner world.

In the words of Shota Rustaveli in his book “The Knight in the Tiger Skin”, who had the gift of eloquence: “There is a love of higher spirit the reflection of higher principles. Earthly languages are not enough to explain what is love. Gift of heaven, it is often transform us, people.”

Only GCM can touch to understand what Love is. It can be expressed in words or actions, but there is no scientific description of Love and cannot be. The most accurate, what can be said has already been said in the AHM.

Scheme of conformity helthy and sick hp

Scheme 2. Model — “Conformity of Healthy-Sick Psyche”.

By PPM it is impossible to touch Personal Space of Mentally Healthy Person, because PPJs does not exist at the MHPs Mind or they turns into GCJs.

PPJ of 3rd stage — this idiocy, which instantly burns in the fire a Healthy Psyche in contact with Mental Health. There is a saying — “The worms of conscience gnawing.” So, this also applies to this level.

PPJ of second stage — this is nonsense. GCM, as the light illuminates every PPJ in contact and PPJ ceases to exist. For PPM it can be felt as a noose. Because much energy has been spent on something that are not just wrong, but not exist, because PPJ disappears.


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