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7I. The brief course

7I. The brief course

7 roles of the team. 7 faces of the soul. 7 types of character (english edition)

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Theory of Seven I am psychology, what it should be: simple, clear, without clever words. This is the doctrine of the seven inner self, from which the character of man is formed, 7 psychical types and 7 team roles are born. The Seven I Theory is a powerful tool for knowing the inner world: it allows you to understand yourself and others beings, find in the depths of the soul hidden self, turn the peculiarities of his nature to competitive advantage.

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Николай Татаров

Roles are inside each of us. 7 roles are 7 beginnings of each person, those are 7 «poles» of his soul, and those are 7 «back streets», 7 «recesses» of the soul. And the 7 roles of the team are only the manifestation of the seven I, living inside of each person.

November 24, 2018, в 6:51 AM


Nikolay Mikhaylovich Tatarov
Nikolai Mikhaylovich Tatarov is an independent researcher, the creator of the role theory of feelings and attitudes, the theory of 7I, the theory of the rhythm of change, the system of the overturned market. The author of the books: “The Doctrine of the Seven I”, “The Language of the Senses”, “Seven Stars in the Hand”, “The Discovery of the World”, “The Rhythm of Great Changes”.