You don’t say!

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This book will tell you about one day in the life of Sofochka Ponce de Leon. Confident that she had finally broken her husband’s favorite laptop, she wants to make it up to him. The woman sets off on a difficult journey for a new computer on bumpy roads of Moscow Region.

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You don’t say!

Sonia, maiden name Utesova, and then Ponce de Leon, was married to a Latin American programmer named David, who was originally from faraway sunny Mexico.

Her husband, having valiantly graduated from the Peoples Friendship University with honors, got a well-paid job in a large Russian company.

It can be said that Sonya, was very lucky to have such a husband, because he doted on his sweetheart, was ready to do anything, or almost everything for her, depending on the amount of money in his bank account.

And that money was always a very limited amount, since Sonya had enormous needs — she wanted everything at once and, moreover, constantly. Sofia got used to dressing in style — she liked the most beautiful and expensive clothes.

At the same time, she bought new things for herself in the most expensive boutiques located in the center of the capital. And then she and her girlfriend went to celebrate another replenishment of the wardrobe to a trendy restaurant, which also very noticeably cost mister Ponce de Leon. Despite all of the above, the family lived in peace and marital idyll.

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