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Scary urban tales have been popular in Russia for a long time, and I can say why — even through fear, even through horror, people are ready to believe that there is something more in the world than their everyday life. And perhaps this is also true for people all over the world. Fear gives rise to terrible stories. And in every story, as you know, there must be a monster. And a hero. So, that is not so bad, to feel fear, — for it’s an occasion to find a hero. Once, maybe, even in you.
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Victor Bacau
Victor Bacau is a Russian author of short horror stories; for the first time presents his collection of tales and urban legends in English.

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Объем: 25 стр.

Дата выпуска: 5 февраля 2020 г.

Возрастное ограничение: 12+

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Формат: epub, fb2, pdfRead, mobi

ISBN: 978-5-4498-1997-0


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