Unlimited Confidence
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Wise people often ask themselves this question in order to know themselves, but in order to find the answer to this question, they live a lonely life for many years and completely renounce the world. I don’t think it needs to be repeated, and I am convinced that the answer is inside, it will definitely be found. But you need to search both externally and internally, but, first of all, the answer to this question was given to me by intuition (the unconscious part of consciousness), because I asked her this question all the time. I didn’t want to hear such answers: «I don’t deserve to be happy», «My deeds in this life are over», «I have lost and will never be cured», and I received the answer that the Creator wanted and I am infinitely sure of this: «You you deserve to be happy!»,» You will prove to everyone!»,» You will defeat this disease and be cured!».

Peace, mercy and blessing of God be with you. Let me start with the name of God! And let me introduce myself.

My name is Narsha, I am Kazakh! My profession is a general practitioner lover (I have invented such a profession for myself). I have no higher education, but I studied in the professions of «psychology» and «philosophy». But I had to leave the university not because I did not want to study, but because I had a «serious illness.» I have been fighting a very negative, unpleasant disease for 5 years, and I am very confident that I will win this fight. Because there is no incurable disease. Both the disease and its cure were created. This is my first book that I write in English. I hope you will treat it with understanding, since English is not my thinking language, my thinking language is Kazakh and I’ll say right away that the book is experimental, the main thing I want to check is how interesting people are with my thoughts and spelling. I will correct it in the future, if necessary.

About «serious illness»

Mom had a bad dream, then I got very sick a few days later, then life changed dramatically and I was diagnosed with «Bad Illness» (this was in 2017), and then I started hanging around with doctors, they have no mercy and kindness, and then I started to lose interest in everything. I moved from place to place several times and experienced many difficulties. I completely forgot about entertainment, that they exist in life at all. But for five years I didn’t just look at the sky. Despite all these difficult times (stress, depression, aggression), I understood the most important thing: doctors will not help me and no one can help me now.

I didn’t care, there was nothing to lose. Maybe I still have a little life left and I wanted to devote the rest of my life to my loved ones in order to make them happy, to make them joyful, but this did not happen, I could not give others a feeling of happiness, my parents became even worse. But then I realized the most important thing: firstly, I cannot make others happy without making myself happy myself. At first I did not feel happy, and I realized that in such a state I was not needed by anyone. Secondly, I realized that I could not do anything useful and good for others without making myself happy and without defeating the disease on my own. In general, as you noticed, if a person is «bad» or «sick,» no one needs him.

I wanted to know more about types of diseases and general medicine. It became clear to me that it takes time and a lot of work to fight the disease, before that I could not solve the problem of time and motivation for this work, the problem of faith and hope, the problem of action. That is, I must decide what to do next.

In the first years it was not easy for me to adapt, but then I learned, mastered the tactics and methods of struggle in order to change myself and by the will of God I did it. But of course I’m still struggling… In general, my main dream was to have time to write a book.

I remember in childhood, my father told me: every day you write a diary, and then in 20—30 years it will become a book and you will have your own book of life. I told him: «The angels are writing on both shoulders, why should I take a steam bath?». But then I was only twelve, sometimes I regret not listening to my father just then, although these words made me think.

At the beginning there were such thoughts «I can find something even more useful than this occupation», «Isn’t it useless?». There were thoughts like «I can’t», «I am not feeling well». Then I thought: «Maybe this is fun, the most important thing does not hurt.» But I searched a lot, found all this knowledge and nevertheless wrote a book with my terrible English language for which I apologize initially. But I hope you understand the meaning and essence of my thoughts.

A year after my illness, I began to write a book, and even before I got sick, I had a diary, but to fight the illness I needed something serious — to write a book and not to deceive myself, not to amuse myself, «I decided to write a real book, in order to help myself, I will help myself, that means I will help others, at least I will bother loved ones less». This was my first voluntary (conscious) statement.

The truth, after all, who is looking for fun, will meet trouble, who is looking for business, wealth will meet. How do you like that? Or do you think you copied it from the Internet? Writing a book is also work, we need to be able to perceive it that way.

In general, in my entire life (I am 23 years old) I have received advice, inspiration and motivation from hundreds of people and books, just being at home. So I think that this book will be useful to someone, because I still have experience in how to make a person be happy. Others may think differently because everyone has a different level of consciousness.

Many online audio / video courses (lessons) and books made a great impression on me. After all, they themselves compose, think, write, and speak. I still remember how my parents and I listened, read and discussed their ideas. We were amazed at what we heard and what we read. We can say that books and audio / video courses have revealed to us the main secrets of the universe.

In general, I think that all the useful knowledge gained will forever remain in my memory, although I advise you to repeat them more often, otherwise the effect will disappear. Thanks to all this, I have developed a way of thinking that helps me to be a happy person despite my condition and I think that she will help you too.

Why did you disappear?

The invisible person is either dead or a stranger. Many could forget that I was still alive, since for some time they did not see my face. But I had no intention of communicating with others. All my friends asked me: «Why did you disappear? Did you die?». Friends didn’t run away from me, I just didn’t want to communicate with anyone, because I thought: what other people can give me besides advice and support like «Everything will be fine», etc., in this case I had to look inside. Where did I go wrong? When did I go wrong? How did this happen to me? Where can I find the answers to all my questions? That’s just the same, I began to struggle with myself with questions.

In general, my main goal when writing a book is to make sure that no one can repeat my mistakes.The mistakes that I have made, and that most people still do, are that we do not correctly accept ourselves, the environment, and God; do not think correctly (or do not think at all); we do not act correctly (that is, we do the wrong actions); do not make the right choice and make decisions; not managing themselves properly (unable to control themselves) and unable to behave in the right way (confusion).

I believe that a good book should make people think, laugh, and sometimes cry. Then this book will find its place in the human heart. You may not immediately understand the book (especially with my English language), so give the book a few more possibilities. In order for a book to help a person, it is necessary to re-read it over and over again, because not everything can be remembered and understood in one reading.

As one famous game says: «We act in darkness to serve the Light.» I wrote this book in the dark, with the light of my soul. I have boundless confidence to say, «I can do it,» so no one should be discouraged and lose faith.

I cannot say that my current state of health is good because I am still struggling. But my «spiritual» state is good. Thanks to the Creator! I am infinitely convinced of the truth!


First of all, I dedicate this book to everyone who wants to improve their lives. Because I think that there is no one who would not like to improve their life in all its aspects. You just need to be more selective about the help you give to yourself. Everyone needs confidence. The word is rooted in the word faith. In general, you might think, «There is no one who has no faith, everyone believes in something» (in themselves, in others, in life, in God, in something else), but the problem here is not lack of faith, but in its inaccuracy and incorrectness. In this case, there is no boundless certainty, instead there is a false life, "Slave Mind «» and dependence. It is not just evil, so if you have this disease, you must treat it without running away from the disease, embarrassed with a smile and hiding it. All who will hide will die internally. Nobody will tell you about it. Today’s media, television (news, programs, advertising), half of doctors and parents try not to tell you about the dangers and «harmfulness» of negative information, but propagate the false benefits of «Slave Thinking». This is especially true when using the Internet and social networks. They will attack your brain audiovisually and will do whatever they can to get your attention.

Life is deceiving you

Many people think that it is useful and even necessary to kill your time, waste it, addiction to bad habits, limit your consciousness, feed your brain with harmful information, but I have a lot of evidence refuting these illogical conclusions.

There are people who worship a person. Many, even almost all, have their fans (geek, nerd, fan as they call it). They are wealthy businessmen, sports or art stars, they often say that they are their admirers (but they themselves are their slaves). Indeed, outwardly they look like slaves.

Repeat clothes, demeanor and even hairstyle. They observe their life every day, are constantly interested and repeat everything they do. It is a disease of useless imitation and addiction that must be eliminated.

In general, celebrities (stars), the rotten rich are very concerned about the loss of their reputation, the safety of their personal (worldly) property. Most celebrities (entrepreneurs, government officials, sports and art stars) seem happy only on the outside, not on the inside. I think the stress of a celebrity eats them up from the inside. Since they are always at war between love (sympathy) and hate (haters), they can be suppressed, sometimes even frightened. They are mostly afraid of bad, negative comments and intimidation (bluffing).

You can argue that these are proven, reliable people: «We need to crawl under their feet, learn from them, not out of jealousy, but out of curiosity, in order to find out their path to happiness, success and victory», but is it really did they become so happy of their own accord? Many do not even know how they achieved this, because this is a decision of fate. Therefore, do not think that it will be beneficial for you to be a slave of those people who have become such only by the will of the Creator.

Another example: do not think that you will find something good in spam in the mail, if you go there, you will find nothing but «Advertising» and «Temptation». You will find only useless, harmful truth. It’s the same with many sites (news sites, etc.), mobile apps, games, and social media. Everyone should know this truth. Negative truth can hurt, but positive truth cannot hurt. Lies do not exist, everything in life is truth, there is only falsehood and truth. And only the truth can be effective for you. You also need to know this truth.

A person should be a slave and obey only one God. If in this life there really is a person worthy of an earthly bow, I would say them as angels among people whom we do not see, hear and do not notice … «Teachers», «Scientists», «Kind people» or just people who have surpassed their teacher, people who are struggling with their sores.

I believe that a happy and vibrant life is incompatible with «Slave Mind» and «Addiction» because these actions become a strong psychological habit. I sincerely want to help other people suffering from ignorance to learn about it.

This book is for people who want to get rid of bad habits and change their lifestyle for the better.

Every day we hear people who intuitively predict what the problems of humanity are, and if you support the point of view of this book, you will be on the right track along with everyone who is worried about the future of humanity. The more people learn about the dangers of this evil, the cleaner the world around us will be, ideally «without slavery» and «regardless».

People should treat each other with respect and compassion, etc., do useful deeds for themselves and for others, too, and all this together should become a habit, so I am sincerely happy for everyone who does not accept bad habits, addictions and slavery in their lives.

To familiarize yourself with the book, you must first familiarize yourself with the contents of the book. Consider this as introductory work.

Thank you for wanting to be with the book. Good luck with every moment of your reading! Thank you to the Creator for giving you the opportunity to read this book. The time and energy spent on this will set you apart from the crowd (and all this is not in vain). As you explore your soul with unlimited potential, you will not only achieve success, but you will also develop skills that you do not already know, and you will also receive a lot of useful and persuasive information that will help you help others and learn from you.

I think that there is no one who would not like to live a happy life. Everyone always wants to improve their life, to become better after reaching a certain level. If your ultimate goal is not to be one, but to be different, this is the book for you.

Secondly, I dedicate the book to the younger generation after me, that is, growing children, young people, especially those in a crisis situation. It hurts to remember my teenage years (but, of course, this is not the case now). If I read this book at a time when I had everything, I would simply swallow the prepared food. However, in my time there were no ready-made meals and, in general, age plays a big role in the development of the human mind.

If you are against all these ideologies, then this book is just for you.

Hello again, WELCOME DEAR READERS! I say hello again, because I think that there are people who have already closed the book and left you and me and left us alone, I think that it will not hurt to say hello again.

Do you want to read a book that can change your whole life? And I’m not kidding! Or do you think that I deliberately take time and enlarge the pages to make the book thick? Thanks to the completely truthful, very clear and proven practical approaches that I offer, you can combine the truth about yourself and life not only the way you want, but also by combining three desires («My desire», «The desire of the environment», «God’s desire») and create a balance between them. All the information you receive here is based on time-tested psychological and metaphysical methods and the universal laws of happiness.

The only proof of the effectiveness of the following principles can only be the result if you apply them. I can tell you as much as I want about the book, but only the results of real changes in your personal experience and life can convince you.

Will this book really help me?

I really respect your intellectual ability, because I don’t make such statements without reason, I don’t make unfounded opinions, and I hope that you will accept my words and believe that I have written a book that is worth reading. The only proof of the effectiveness of the principles written in the book is to get real results only if you faithfully apply them in real life. Therefore, it is very important to do exactly what is written in the book, this is done only by activating the heart and feelings (emotions).

I can tell you as much as I want about the benefits of the book, but only when you experience it yourself, when you make real changes in life, when you test the book and see the results, you can see for yourself.

Most, if not all, at least once in their life, attend special courses, trainings or educational seminars (offline) or read various bestsellers, watch, listen to audio / video lessons (online), and, worst of all, marathons (especially three-day, how can you change a person in three days? it is unreasonable), (one of us — because of imitation, the other — from despair). God commanded to pray five times a day and that’s not all, the most interesting thing is until the end of life, so there is no stability anywhere and in anything.

They inspired us, we even started to change something in our life, but after a few days or a few weeks everything was still the same. Why? Most of these books, all trainings and seminars are not about achieving sustainable change (they are not about how to achieve balance). Applying their solutions is like decorating moldy bread with sweet icing. No matter how beautiful, tasty and appetizing it may be, sooner or later you will feel the mold hidden in it and you will definitely discover the secret hidden inside. Positive thinking is a beautiful icing, and moldy bread is faith that keeps us from achieving real results.

If you need a beautiful and inspiring fairy tale with a subtle shade of positive thinking and colorful examples from life, which simply takes up shelf space and takes invaluable time from the reader, then this book is just for you. This time everything is very serious and it was sarcasm.

This book is not only about positive thinking (self-esteem), but also about correct thinking (correct assessment). There are three types of general thinking (self-esteem): positive (wrong, but harmless, useless), negative (wrong, harmful) and adequate, based on real truth (right, infinitely useful).

This book is about achieving boundless confidence, doing the right thing, true happiness, realizing dreams, goals and plans. If you are limited to books about positive thinking, for which there is only place on the shelf, which takes up the reader’s precious time, a beautiful, publicized, inspiring fairy tale, then this book is not about that. If you are looking for a book that is serious, truthful and accurate, and is not limited to ephemeral (unstable, volatile, temporary) positive thinking, you will find a lot of useful information here for yourself.

You have a proven formula «Be happy», which is not limited to positive thinking, but a formula «Success and Victory» on the way to «Truth», time-tested and experience, which will help you achieve the desired results. This book requires your time and attention, careful reading and serious attitude, but in the end, every minute spent on it will be justified and will produce real results.

I am very pleased to have the honor to share my knowledge with you. If you’re ready, let’s start our journey into a happy new life!

The best statement for me is «I hope for the best, everything will be fine if God wishes!»

And the next books will be about making both lives truly happy (remember: the first life is the cause, and the second, eternal life, is the consequence of the first life). Live without sorrow, achieve happiness in both worlds, live a decent life and die without regrets. Do you want this?

Whether you choose only first life or only eternal life, then this book will give you the right idea of Islam and other religions in general. In my eschatology, the two worlds are one and must be in harmony (balance and harmony), that you must love both worlds at the same time, and, most importantly, understand that one is the cause and the other is the effect. Because you are doing good deeds for the sake of Eternal life, but remember: «You do it only in the first life — only in this world and you get the result in the future, eternal world!»

Man was created for happiness in both worlds. Even if this life was taken away from you (you were born sick, you have a difficult fate, etc.), then you will still be happy in Eternal Life.

If after all these words a war breaks out inside you and you are against all these ideologies, then this book is just for you. And this time it’s no longer sarcasm, let’s get started, otherwise I noticed that my book has a hypnotic effect!

Intro (yes, this is just an intro)

I think that all (especially useful) books have a soul like a living organism. Because they are written by thinking people. Thinking is one of the basic properties of the soul that the body lacks.

The book should not only be outwardly decorated with form and design, but above all the book should contain letters, words, ideas that inspire thought. Many people hesitate to write a diary or book because most of us are impatient and don’t like to think. Therefore, patience and perseverance should be the main qualities of human nature.

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