Tum hi ho | Only you

Tum hi ho | Only you

The love story based on real events

87 стр.
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Life — the unsurpassed author of the most improbable scenarios. This book — the real story of great love full of unexpected turns of a plot and nonrandom accidents. It’s about two countries and cultures connecting — helping a young Brahmin from Varanasi and a blond girl from Moscow. However, on the last page the book the story does not come to an end — the author and the main characters continue to write it every day. So, the best and the most interesting things are ahead.

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Inna Derechey-Shukla
Inna Derechey-Shukla — creator of the charity project “Charity yoga”, the author journeys through India. Was born in July 87 th. I have two higher educations in public relations and linguistics. 5 years ago I was in India for the first time and that 2013 was a turning point in my life. I met my destiny in Varanasi named Vishnu, moved to St. Petersburg, married a Brahmin and our Indian princess Monika was born. My life path took a different direction, which I follow with gratitude.

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