Toddler Coloring Book

Бесплатный фрагмент - Toddler Coloring Book

Fun Animals, Plants, Objects

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Benefits of coloring for toddlers

When coloring, fine motor skills and a hand develop, which contributes to the development of thinking, writing skills. The kid replenishes his knowledge about the shape and color of objects, develops observation, broadens his horizons, highlights familiar and unfamiliar objects. Perseverance, attentiveness and a strong-willed sphere develop: the baby learns to choose a drawing, colors, control the pressure of a pencil or brush, tries not to go beyond the boundaries of the drawing and bring the work started to the end. Coloring develops the artistic taste of the baby and opens the way for him to the world of creativity and fine arts. You can invite the baby to try mixing paints, this will be an interesting and magical activity for the child. Coloring involves gradual self-improvement: the child moves from simple drawings to more complex and detailed ones, tries various tools (pencils, felt-tip pens, paints). Coloring pages are a good way to distract your child from a stressful situation. Coloring calms, distractions from negative thoughts. And finally, this is a great option for parents and kids to spend time together.

You can start coloring from a year and a half. Toddlers up to 2 years old can start coloring with their fingers, dipping them in paint under the supervision of an adult, and gradually move on to pencils. Holding a pencil is not an easy thing to learn. At the first acquaintance with the coloring, explain to the child what a contour is, that it is impossible to go beyond it. Make sure your child is holding the pencil correctly. Teach your child to finish the job and not to quit what he started: if the kid can’t cope, help, and next time offer a simpler drawing for coloring. Offer to finish, add something of your own to the original drawing. Arrange exhibitions of the baby’s work, show them to family and friends, this will give the child self-confidence.

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