Timeless XI

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Ext. London — night

We watch the night sky with stars. Camera is falling from the sky.


We are not creating the future, the future is creating us, a lot of people think that we are moving from the past to the future, but in fact we are moving in two directions, from the past to the future and from the future to the past. and the present is created by that person who knows the past and the future.

It’s all about time…

We watch London at night from above.

Ext. Balcony — night

There is a party in the house. We watch a handsome man, who is looking at the fireworks from the balcony.

This is Phoenix.

A young woman came up to him.


Phoenix, somebody is feeling really bad in the hall, it seems like a heart attack, your help is needed!

Phoenix and Eliza run upstairs.

Int. Room — night


So, who is feeling bad?

Eliza (moaning):

I feel bad, so bad!

Eliza is kissing Phoenix.

Suddenly Phoenix’s wife is entering the room.


Why did you call me? Whaaat?

Carolina’s running away.

Phoenix is pushing Eliza away and hitting her face.

Int. Pub — night

Phoenix is drinking a lot of alcohol.

Int. House — morning

Phoenix is entering his house.

He is really drunk.

Fade in

Int. House — afternoon

Phoenix is waking up with a terrible headache, he see the note on the table.

Point of view

Close on

The note:

Bury me in the ocean, I will become a dozen of whales and a hundred dolphins… I will be in every drop, I will be in everything. Everyone will thirst for me as everyone thirsts for water. Everyone will love me as everyone loves the sea. I will be a mermaid…

Fade in

Int. House — night

The song by John Lennon "...forgive me, my little flower princess…»

Phoenix is lying on the floor, he hugs a photo of his dead wife and cries out loud.

Int. House — night

Phoenix is on the couch with glass of wine and watching film «La dolce vita» by Federico Fellini.


Marcello Rubini says the phrase: «You are the first woman on the first day of creation. You are mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth, home.»

Phoenix is watching the film «The Matrix’ and after the phrase «Free your mind’ was heard he stopped the film.

Fade in

Int. Church — morning

Hurts’ song «Redemption» is played.

Phoenix enters the Catholic Church, he sees many candles, lamps, bright light passes through the stained glass windows, everything is flooded with radiance and glow.

Phoenix started talking to the priest, but we do not hear about anything, we only hear the song.

The music becomes quieter and we can hear them.


Modern theology has become more lenient towards suicide. She was in a state of passion… so God will forgive her and perhaps she’ll go to heaven.


And what about me? What should I do?


You should pray and ask God for forgiveness.


But it seems to me that this ain’t enough! I want to change the situation, I didn’t want!


Perhaps you want to go back in time?

If it were possible, I wouldn’t speak

to you now.

Suddenly, the whole room was lit up with an even brighter light, so bright that Phoenix could not resist and closed his eyes.

Ext. Street — afternoon

Phoenix walks down the street and sees the name of the esoteric store «Know Your Future’.

Phoenix walks inside.

Iny. Store — afternoon

There’s a girl in the store, a foreigner, dressed in ethnic attire.


Hey, I just saw the name of the store and…


Hi, I am Rosa, chshshsh… don’t tell nothing, cards will talk…

Rosa takes a deck of cards and starts doing a card reading.


My cards say that you made a mistake, oh… someone died,

you are in despair, you wanna change…


You’re right, it’s true! My wife…


But I see that great success awaits you! You’ll reach your goal! Probably her death was not in vain!


Wow! Is it possible to bring the past back with tarot cards?


I can see the past and I cannot change it, but I can see the future and therefore I can change



What about special rituals to go back in time?


There are some rituals, but they are really dangerous.

Fade in

Ext. Street — evening

Phoenix continues his walk around the city, he sees the poster of the lecture «Through Time’ by Dr. Michael.

Int. Hall — evening



If you remember your past, why don’t you remember your future? Life is a cycle, life is an infinite circle, the planet is round and nature is cyclical. Life is a constant repetition of some situations with different shades. Look at your past and you will see your future. Look at the life of your ancestors and you will see the future of your grandchildren. The man is in love with a girl, he thinks: ’why did I fall in love with her? Ordinary girl with braids’, but in the depths of his DNA, his grandfather says: «I was in love with a girl with braids, but we couldn’t be together, please be with this girl and I will be happy!». You think this is your life, but actually it is the life of your ancestors. You can improve or worsen this cycle, but you cannot change it completely, otherwise you risk falling out of this circle of life, from this infinite matrix.

Applause from the audience

The lecture is over, Phoenix approaches the doctor to talk.


Fantastic lecture, bravo! I’m just interested in the possibilities with time and travel through time! Do you know scientists who work with this?


This is really interesting! I know one guy, he is a psychologist and he works with different mental practices, I gotta his business card! Dr. Richardson.

Ext. City — morning

Phoenix met Dr. Richardson, they walk and talk.

Dr. Richardson:

We don’t see the wind, but it create movement, we can’t see radio waves, but they move from one place to another. We can’t see thoughts, but I feel like they can move from one person to another, even through big distances… We do not see the information field, but it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Thought is a very fast thing, it means that it can travel huge distances and distances in time. When the thought comes to your mind, there are several options, or you created this thought, or you caught someone’s thought, or this thought came from another time, from the past or from the future. But there may be a branch of thoughts that create a picture — a dream. When we write books, when we write poems, songs, we can catch information from the future. We accidentally say some phrases, words, spontaneously begin to sing something, these are signs. People are trying to find a time machine, but the time machine is in our heads.


So, you don’t deny that time travel is possible?

Dr. Richardson:

I am sure that it’s possible, we just have to learn the ways to control this process.

Int. House — evening

Phoenix returns home, he enters the bathroom and sees that there is water in the bathroom, then the water rises and transforms into the spirit of his wife.

Caroline’s spirit is silent.


Honey, forgive me, please, forgive!

I need to find some redemption… I will save you… I’ll bring you back…

Int. Room — evening

Phoenix is looking for information about time travel.

The titles of the articles he is looking at:

«The Philadelphia Experiment. Einstein’s unsuccessful attempt to invent a time machine.»

«Mirages from the past, how is this possible?»

«The plane took off in 1992, landed in 1986, eye-witness view’.

Phoenix starts looking for chats where people communicate about the ability to travel in time.



Help, please, I beg you,

I don’t want to live, I can’t forgive myself! My boyfriend killed himself and it’s only my fault…


Does anyone know an efficient way to travel back in time? I don’t want to change history, win the lottery, or the stock exchange… I just wanna bring my wife and son back to life, they died in a car accident…


You can go back to the past with magic, there is a demon, from the book «Solomon’s small key’, call him, he will create an alternative reality. But it is dangerous for the psyche.


Guys, u need to accept… and if it’s difficult, go to church.


Hello, my beloved husband died two months ago. I am ready for absolutely everything to return to the past and prevent his death! If someone knows how to do this,

Please text me.


Help to return to the past!

I really want to return my little daughter, she disappeared without any trace, I can’t find her for 3 years!


Hello! I write you from Russia. No one believes me… I just want to help… A year ago my wife died, I was in a terrible depression… And one old man told me about Lake Seydozero… My wife came back to life and now we are happy!


Peter, is this a Russian joke? Are you sure or did you just drink a lot of vodka? We have no time for jokes…


Peter, I believe you, I wanna meet you!


The universe does not accept empty spaces, if you bring someone back to life, another person must die in return, perhaps you.


Maybe I am stupid, but I really want to go back in time to save my cat, he died because of me… I forgot to close the window and went to the store… He got stuck in the window and died, oh… he was dying so painfully… I can’t forgive myself for that…


Hello guys, I’m a scientist and inventor, I’m trying to invent a time machine, I have one idea, but I’m looking for people willing to participate in an experiment! But you must understand that this can be really dangerous!

Phoenix is typing text.


Hello, I’m one of you, i need to go back in time! I have an idea, let’s meet tomorrow at my office! Together we can test all possible ways to travel in time!

Int. Office — morning

Phoenix makes phone calls.


Hello? Rosa? I’d like to meet you… Yeah… In my office… Michael? Dr. Richardson? Would be great to meet you again… in my office… today.

Int. Hall — evening

Phoenix, Rosa, Michael, Dr. Richardson, Sarah, Philipp, Iren, Lusy, Sophie and Marshall met in the hall.


I brought you all together because we all have the same interest. We are all interested in time travel opportunities!


Or… probably… we’ve got the same

Mental disorder!

Dr. Richardson:

As a psychologist, I’d say that we are not crazy, we just think wider than others. Nothing is impossible for humanity, we can defeat any beast, we can overcome any obstacles, there are many cases when people recovered from very serious illnesses, there is always a chance to survive in a war, there is always a chance to survive during natural disasters! Human is the most powerful creature of the planet! Only angels and God stand above man! We study space, we created the Internet and we will create a time machine, and if not us, someone after us.


So, we have different options for time travel, firstly we have to experience Marshall’s invention.

Phoenix takes a marker and starts writing down all the options on the board.


Marshall, please tell us more about your invention.

Marshall takes out his blueprints and starts showing them to the audience.


I won’t explain to you the meaning of all formulas and terms, if briefly… The whole point is in mirrors, some scientists have already tried to create something similar, in general, this is a mirror room, all the walls are made of mirrors inside and out. Inside there are lightt sources at equidistant points, the mirroring effect increases their speed and makes the light energy infinite. If the rays of light move clockwise, we move into the future, when the rays move counterclockwise, we move into the past.


Wow! Lewis Carroll was probably right,

it’s all about the mirror!


I’ve already tried sending items through time, and they disappeared! I tried to install the camera, but when I turn on the machine, all equipment stops working!


Marshall wanted to tell something else, he should have told that he tried to send his cat to the past, but then he found him dead…


I think it’s a really good idea. You know, some people can see more information through mirrors, and even spirits, this ability is passed on from ancestors, and there are also special mirrors made of special metals… It calls electrum magicum — a composition of seven metals, compounded according to certain rules and planetary influences; a preparation of great magic power, of which magic rings, mirrors, and many other things may be made.


Uuh, and I thought that for magic you just need to say a spell, something like bratha matha patha boom! Ahah!


By the way, Rosa, what methods do you



I can do a ritual, it is based on the books «Nicrochromicron’ and «The keys of Solomon major and minor.» But… guys, you know, it’s dangerous!


I am ready to try! I am not afraid!

Phoenix is writing second way as ’the ritual’.


Dr. Richardson, you said you got an idea?

Dr. Richardson:

Yes, the hypnosis.


Great! I wanna try!

Phoenix is writing next way as ’hipnosis’.


Any suggestions?


One Russian guy, his name’s Peter, we texted for awhile, he’s talking crazy things, like he found the entrance to a mysterious place, and he even was able to return his dead wife! I am ready to go to Russia and try…


It seems to me that I am ready for such a journey too…


You definitely need a man on your journey,

especially if a man is a scientist!

Phoenix is writing on the board.


So, the last is ’special place’. I’ll try hipnosis, Iren will try Rosa’s ritual, Lucy, Sophie and Michael are going to Russia, but What about time machine? Who is ready to be first?


I really wanna try! Sarah, you? Let’s take a ride?


Yeah, it’s gonna be unforgettable!

Fade in

Fade out

Everyone leaves the room and chat cheerfully.


Rosa, can I ask you something?

Rosa turned and stopped.


I see my dead wife, is this possible?


Possible… She became a caballi, it means the astral bodies of people who died a premature death — that is to say, who were killed or killed themselves before their natural term of life was over. They are the earth-bound suffering souls of the dead, wandering in the sphere of the earth’s attraction (Kania-loca) until the time arrives when they would have died according to natural law, when the separation of their higher principles from the lower ones takes place. They imagine to perform bodily actions, while in fact they have no physical bodies, but act in their thoughts; but their bodies appear to them as real as ours appear to us. They may under certain necessary conditions communicate with man through mediums, or directly through a man’s own mediumistic organisation.


That means I’m not going crazy, right?


We are all crazy, don’t think about it… We made a decision with Irene to make the ritual tomorrow in my store, I haven’t made it before and I am so afraid, could you come too?


Yeah, I will…

Int. Shop — afternoon

Rosa, Phoenix and Iren are in the shop.

Rosa shades the windows and begins to draw a circle on the floor.

Phoenix, Rosa and Iren stand in a circle, in Rosa’s hand is a bag, inside of which something is moving.

Rosa begins to pronounce words in an incomprehensible language.

The candles go out.

The window shatters and something with big black wings flies into it, Rosa, Phoenix and Iren crouch and lower their heads as something flies out of the room.

The candles light up again.

Rosa, Phoenix and Iren raise their heads and look around.

Phoenix noticed that the clock had stopped and the wall clock and clock on the phone.

But then the clock began to go quickly and in the opposite direction.


Look at the clock!

Rosa opened the curtains and they saw an amazing picture, everything was moving at high speed and in the opposite order, people and cars.

Days followed by nights, then they saw firefighters scurrying near the house opposite, how they extinguished the house, then they saw the explosion of the house, but in the opposite order, after a few moments the house was again in normal condition, days gave way to nights, people and cars moved in the opposite order direction, and then everything froze, people and cars and birds in the sky stopped.

Phoenix looked at the calendar on the phone — June 5.


We are back 2 months ago!

Final stop, we have arrived!

Suddenly, a dragon with large black wings appeared behind them, they looked back and saw how the dragon transformed into a male human.


Hello, people! You have to pay.

Rosa took a large live chicken out of the bag.


Ahahah! Ain’t enough. I’ll take him!

The dragon tries to grab Phoenix, but Rosa does not allow it, she takes an ankh from her bag and begins to beat the dragon with an ankh.

The dragon got angry and began to spew flame from his mouth, the room caught fire, Rosa, Phoenix and Iren began to run away, but the dragon grabbed Iren and disappeared into the flames.

Fade in.

Int. House — evening

Rosa and Phoenix run into Phoenix’s house and close the doors.

Rosa sits down on the sofa, Phoenix grabs a bottle of alcohol and starts drinking from the bottle.

Then Phoenix takes off his jacket and Rosa notices that the wounds on Phoenix’s body have appeared from the touch of the dragon.

Phoenix also saw the wounds on his body.


Demons are made of fire, it burned you when it tried to grab you! This is my fault, let me heal you.

Rosa walks up to Phoenix and begins carefully take off his shirt.


Please don’t be embarrassed…

Rosa kisses Phoenix’s body, places near the burns and they heal.


Ah… Fantastic! A miracle! But I’m so embarrassed, you know, my wife died… This is wrong…


Stop blaming yourself, she would have died anyway, she could have died in an accident, or at the hands of a criminal… This is her fate… I want to help you, Phoenix, are you ready to be born again?


What do you mean?

The song Queen — Bijou is playing.

Rosa kisses his lips, caresses his ears, they take off each other’s clothes, caress each other.

Phoenix looks up, and he sees how the ceiling disappears and instead of the ceiling there is an open starry sky, they fly up and continue to caress each other in the air, they fly higher and higher.

Then Phoenix sees himself as Adam — the first man, and Rosa — Eve, and she offers him an apple…

He sees a tree covered with fruits — apple phones, he sees that Rosa offers him an apple phone…

He sees himself as a pharaoh, and Rosa is Nefertiti…

Then darkness…

He is in a dark place, in the water, trying to get out of this place…

Phoenix closes his eyes, then opens his eyes and sees the nurse looking at him from above and then the nurse picks him up and hands him over to his mother.

We see a woman holding a baby in her arms.

Phoenix opens his eyes and sees the ceiling, his bedroom, he lies in his bed and next to him lies naked Rosa.


Fantastic! What was it? Sex in a hypnotic state? I had hollucinations! And I had the feeling that you were a virgin…


Some witches have the ability to become virgins every time, for example Aphrodite was one of us… When a woman gives birth to a child, she feels pain and bleeds, a virgin feels the same because she gives a second birth.


It was the best sex in my life, I feel so good… I don’t know how you do it, but now I want to be with you all the time, forever…

Ext. Street — morning

The song of John Lennon is played — «Woman’.

Phoenix walks through the streets of London, the sun shines brightly, he sees everything in bright colors, Phoenix cannot stop smiling, then he begins to fly above the ground and walk through the air with long strides…


Phoenix finally found peace of mind and happiness, he realized his life purpose… He no longer wanted to bring his dead wife back to life, but he decided to continue these experiments with time travel…

Int. Office — afternoon

Phoenix is lying on the sofa in Dr. Richardson’s office, with Dr. Richardson sitting next to him, a chain with a hypnosis pendant in his hand.

Dr. Richardson turns on a sound, that sounds like a fan.

Dr. Richardson gives Phoenix a pill.

Dr. Richardson:

Take this, this is galantamine, it’ll

help you enter into deep hypnosis.

Phoenix drinks a pill with water.

Dr. Richardson holds Phoenix’s forehead with his hand.

Dr. Richardson:

Look at the pendant… Take a deep breath and exhale slowly… your eyelids are heavy, you want to sleep. One… you close your eyes… two… you feel heaviness all over your body… three… youbdon’t feel your legs… three… you don’t feel your hands… four… you cannot move… five… you sleep… six… your soul is out of the body… seven… you are walking in the garden, you are tired… eight… you see the bed, lie down and sleep… nine… in a dream you see the stairs… ten… climb the stairs and see your past…

Phoenix climbs the stairs, but he doesn’t see what’s up.

When he gets to the top, he sees himself inside the tunnel.

This tunnel is dark and long, at the end of the tunnel he sees open space.

Phoenix turns back and sees open space at the other end of the tunnel.

He sees that something flies in from space and rushes towards him, creations, some of them similar to spirits, some of them similar to angels, and some of them similar to dragons…

Phoenix runs at the end of the tunnel and jumps into outer space…

Phoenix finds himself in the forest, he sees that he has bare feet and is dressed in a loincloth, in his hands he holds a bow and arrows…

Voices are heard in the distance…

Phoenix goes to where the voice comes from.

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