The Town of Somewhere

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The Town of Somewhere

Truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken, and always gets above falsehood, as does oil above water.

— Miguel de Cervantes

In the town of Somewhere, the residents gathered on the roofs, anticipating the storks appearance. They should have arrived in any minute, bringing babies, and with them — the joy and happiness to every home. Naturally, everyone wanted the most beautiful and healthy child for themselves, but of course, nothing was guaranteed in this case. Last season, when everyone was looking for kids under gooseberry bushes, the choice was noticeably greater, as well as the number of conflicts. You know, all these «give back, I was the first to find him» sorts of fights. And now things looked more simple — you would take whoever the stork would bring.

Generally, life was in full swing in Somewhere, and people were happy not because of something, but just in spite of everything.

All power was concentrated in the dirty clawed paws of the ferocious shaggy Beast, who ate money and drank folk blood. The Beast had a huge number of heads with wigs, Pickelhelms, crowns, mitres. Some heads presented themselves as republicans, others — as monarchy supporters while third ones claimed to be staunch anarchists.

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