The Laws of Life
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Do we have true thinking?

Thinking is divided into two: «correct» (based on the truth of the Creator) and «wrong» (based on inventing truth). It is important to recognize and understand this. And what is the truth really? The Creator and his Laws of Life, in other words, the Laws of Nature, that is, scientific evidence.

In order to make a change and adjustment inside, you need to assess yourself positively and adequately, and you need to understand that there is no difference between self-esteem and thinking, they are almost the same thing, and I don’t think it’s worth complicating psychology, you just need to take these words as synonyms. But still, I believe that Positive and Adequate self-esteem is the right thinking, Negative and Inadequate self-esteem is the wrong thinking.

But you need to understand: that only Positive thinking is unpredictable, changeable, unstable, temporary, and Positive and at the same time Adequate thinking is more serious and realistic. Positive self-esteem is a beautiful, inspiring tale, and True self-esteem is the achievement of real results, it is the understanding, acceptance and use of the Laws of Life for the benefit of oneself and others.

Don’t limit yourself to only positive thoughts. Remember that there is another way of thinking other than positive thinking. It is good to think positively, but since many of them are based on lies, this does not lead to perfection and true happiness. Therefore, positive thinking should be accompanied only by the truth. This is what «correct thinking» is. For example, in some problems, no matter how many positive thoughts, no matter how many positive emotions, you cannot change the external situation, because you cannot change the external reality without changing the internal reality.

It is foolish and ignorant not to know the «Laws of Life (Laws of the Creator)» in the game called Life. Truth gives true freedom, gives eternal freedom, therefore we must obey all the laws of nature (worldly) and invisible (so far unknown to mankind), created by the Creator.

If we want a joyful and happy scenario of life, everyone can get it, the main thing is to know the canons and principles (basis) of existence — this is the most useful knowledge for us, these are the Laws of Life (Laws of the Creator) that need to be mastered.

Everything in the world is controlled by certain Laws of Nature, which we call science. There are also Laws of Life, that is, the Laws of the Creator, which are no different from the Laws of Nature. Because the Laws of Life are also a science. All this is proven, and depends on our perception, but unfortunately it may not be proven to someone, because they refuse to perceive it, but despite the resistance of the consciousness of some people, we can say with confidence that the Truth exists. And once again, what is Truth? The Creator and his Laws of Life, in other words, the Laws of Nature, that is, scientific evidence. This may not be the Truth that philosophy or psychology teaches, but still, in my understanding, this is the way it is said, everyone has their own truth.

Laws are stable and never changing. You can trust them: they always work flawlessly. Life will not free us from these laws. Therefore, love these laws, because they are fair for everyone (they do not divide anyone). And now it’s time to talk about the first law of life: our faith depends on what we say every day to ourselves and others!

Every thought is a rule for us

The only creature that speaks to itself is man, this process goes on all the time. During the day, we are constantly talking to ourselves, collecting information about the environment — life.

For the world, every thought is a word, and every word is a rule for us. Thoughts are inner words that only you hear and inner images that only you see. To improve our lives, we need to know how these inner words work on an unconscious level. And now here is the second law: everything that happens to us comes from our consciousness.

The Laws of Life are common to all of us, neutral, fair, they can apply to all people equally. Some people cannot feel love, warmth, mercy, kindness and compassion. Because most of them are hidden in ignorance and do not recognize the laws of the Creator. They force themselves to live in a limited consciousness of the mind and have a defect in sight, although their eyesight is all right. I think that no one is to blame for this, but this is not the reason. The reason is that all this happens because of the «slave consciousness» and «dependence» on someone or something other than the Truth. From the moment of comprehending the truth, a person is freed from the slavery of this life, and returns to the free will of God and begins to live a life worthy of happiness.

The snag is in ignorance

Third law: It is impossible to get out of ignorance without knowing the truth, otherwise you are limited. What is truth again? Truth is the word of God, scientific evidence and a concept based on spiritual and moral faith, not an external deceptive form, but the deep inner meaning of all creation.

Each law is correct, true, and also neutral, just, universal. But even a person who looks good and handsome can have failures in life, but the problem is not in the laws of life. The reason is an unfair attitude to the laws of the Creator.

Disobedience to the law once does not mean that a person is already everything, bad and useless. Because any person can use the laws of life in a negative way. You just simply may not know all the laws and rules of life. But it is of course your choice whether or not to obey him. The laws of the Creator cannot harm a person. But no matter how good you are, no matter how beautiful you are, you may encounter difficulties and mistakes if you make the wrong choice.

The laws of life do not care whether a person is successful or unsuccessful. Therefore, the laws of life are not so important for us, we think that they are cruel, unfair or just random, but in fact every law is both neutral and selfless for our own good. The outcome of each of our choices depends on how we understand and apply God’s laws.

The environment is always ready to transmit the information that we consciously want to perceive. Some get wealth, fame, property more, while others less. Some get a lot, and some get a little. The laws of life have always been and always will be at the disposal of everyone, injustice and inequality are created by people themselves. Thoughts, values, principles and beliefs determine the extent to which we will receive good from life or vice versa.

A person who considers himself poor, unfortunate and continues to act against the laws of life will be obliged to be content with what he has. Since he has no other choice but to be jealous or interested in those who see the many benefits, pleasures and interests of this life.

The fourth law: whatever your internal environment (cause), your external environment (effects) will be the same. The Laws of Life exist constantly, the laws are sincerely generous. What then prevents us from accepting all these laws is the ability to perceive and the system of beliefs built on this ability. And it’s time to find out what persuasion is, but only from my point of view?

Persuasion, in my opinion, is a faith, that has sat down in the «unconscious» and does not want to leave it. Persuasion is not the same as confidence, but just the same confidence appears because of our faiths, and only then our consciousness begins to feel confident in something, in someone. And then we divide whether it is a true confidence (benefit and gain) or a false one (harm and loss).

In simple words, all our actions, deeds depend on the formed persuasions — faith, point of view, opinion and so on. Most importantly, we understood the reason for our actions and deeds. And Ignorance lies precisely in the fact that we refuse to understand the cause of all our problems, what and how this happens to us. Without understanding the reason, we will not be able to solve anything effectively.

If we continue to hypnotize and persuade ourselves, that we are unworthy and worthless, we will not be able to get everything, we need, and will not be able to achieve our dreams and goals. Fifth law: But no one can guarantee, that our free will, aspiration, desire in the end will please us, and amuse us, if our faith and understanding (persuasions) are false and do not correspond to the truth.

Why can faith get in the way?

A person accumulates knowledge, and due to this accumulation, we form two important concepts about ourselves, about other people, about life in general and about God — faith and understanding (persuasions). In childhood, it did not matter to us, whether our faith and understanding were true or false, because we simply believed in it, this was the requirement of the environment, and as we grew older, they became our reality (life principle). Since childhood, we strive to know everything, as much as possible, and have become slaves to information from the environment, through the five senses. The environment — which shapes our faiths and understanding (persuasions), speaks the scientific language of Epigenetics. The fate of a person, depends not only on the genus, but also on the environment, which is higher than the concept of the genus.

Law: Everything, depends on the time of our stay in this life. What is our environment, such is our life.

Another Law: without the inner word (thought), the outer word (language) does not come out. What we always say (be it a monologue, a conversation with ourselves, a dialogue, with someone else), that is, what we think, determines our true image, our thoughts and attitude towards ourselves, towards others, and within time, our consciousness will become free or slave, consciousness has no other choice. In many countries, there is a tendency, to form a «slave consciousness», because we ourselves do not understand who is the owner of our consciousness, we ourselves, or the environment.

Are our persuasions true or false? Because the answer to this question determines our destiny. Deception, the adoption of a false idea for the truth, begins to form, false persuasions and delusions, and no external forces prevent this, but rather support it. There are no obstacles to what you really want from external forces, everything depends on ourselves, and the right relationship with the Creator, and his laws.

We can have an idea in our head about our own shortcomings, then this faith will begin to lead our life in the wrong and negative direction. By changing faith, correcting understanding, healing the mind (consciousness), we can change direction in the right, and positive direction at any time in our lives.

Let’s imagine, that you have lived a lot of life, and you say that you have changed your mind, but you think, that it will no longer be possible to live life somehow differently, you think, that you are late, and no matter, how much you think positively, you will not be able to turn back time, but you can start life anew right now. If you are breathing and reading this book, then you are still alive. I will give an example of the Law of Time: Life will not change its mind, but this does not mean, that it will not pity us, so note that, while we are alive, it is never too late.

However, life will not spare us if we have immunity against the Laws of Life. Even if all of humanity has immunity against the Laws of Life, they will not change, and will forever exist with humanity. That is, no matter how much you like the Laws of Life, you will see the consequences only after the creation of the cause. Therefore, before doing the cause, it is necessary to think about the consequences. We need to listen to the warnings of the Creator, and his Laws of Life. This is the truth. This is the science of happiness.

Think of the belief and understanding (persuasions), upon which is based on, what you consider, and call Truth. Each person has his own invented Truth. All of us have been collecting information from the environment since childhood, and now days, months, years have passed, since we were born, and the question arises, why are we different, that is, our character and behavior, etc.? We grew up in different conditions, circumstances, there were different rules and requirements from the time of existence, and place of residence, therefore people are not one hundred percent alike, and therefore there are many different views, concepts and beliefs, etc. But the most important thing, is that our faith, does not destroy us, in the end.

Not many like buzzwords!

There are a lot of people who say, «I’m smart enough, so don’t be smart!», and I think their persuasions and values are:

1) I don’t need smart words.

2) I have my own views on life, and no one has the right to change them.

3) I’ve been doing well with myself all my life, don’t tell me that my persuasions and system of thought is wrong.

4) I don’t want to hear, see or read people, who give advice, and pose as a smart person.

Therefore, one must be careful when trying to convince anyone of an ideology, especially the truth about oneself, the universal truth. Smart people say, that you need to think carefully, before demanding, that others hear, or read our «big words», and advice.

Each of us, has our own persuasions, about life, religion, politics, and the environment, in which we live. Having attacked someone else’s faith, you will return from the campaign defeated.

We force ourselves to believe lies, in order to save our faith, by saying, that life is interesting, pleasant and attractive to us. Egoism, and dependence on false beliefs are detrimental, that we turn life into a game, compose our own laws and norms, and believe with all our heart, that this is the truth. But in fact, this is a made-up lie, even if for you it is the truth. The source of truth can only be the Holy Books, and Evidence-Based Science, which proves, that religion and science, are not enemies, but allies. The basis of science is religion, because it was religion, that contributed to the emergence of science. Law: Without science there is no use for religion, without religion there is no use for science.

Gaining the trust and understanding (persuasions) of people, who have nothing to do with us, will eventually lead to the Slave Mind. Unfortunately, the people around us, often form delusions, and think far from the truth. In general, a negative environment interferes with a person. Happiness in this life, not only depends on us, but also depends on our environment, on our loved ones, but most importantly, it depends on our FAITH in ourselves, in others, in God, etc.

Without justice, there is no trust. To establish justice in society, we must first establish justice within ourselves. False promises to oneself, to others, do not convince a person of the truth.

Get rid of erroneous self-hypnosis

Happiness = true confidence and useful actions (increase) / stupid mistakes and invented flaws (decrease)

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