The late requiem

Story book

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ISBN 978-5-4485-9949-1

О книге

“The late requiem” is story book, which tells about extraordinary people’s fate. In this book the most important feelings are described in simple and insightful way: love and friendship, duty and loyalty, beauty and evil. Heroes tell about events, that happened a long time ago. Each of them tries to fight with the circumstances. But there another day comes, which has a way of setting things in order…

Об авторе

Mushfig Khan

Mushfig Khan (Farziyev Mushfig Fizuli, 19 July 1982) is famous Azerbaijani modern writer, owner of numerous national and international awards, including Winner of Competition Nomination “Textbook of Year” of the 10th International Book Exhibition — Fair and Scientific Conference “Book — Way of Collaboration Progress”; 23rd of September 2015 /Ashgabat city/ Turkmenistan. The admissions team considered the application for membership in International Writers’ Union and approved.

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