The ghostly passenger

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Please do not judge strictly. This story is translated independently.

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Everything is always ends well.

If everything ended badly,

hence, it not yet the end.

Paulo Coelho

Used black Cadillac quickly trundles down the road, leaving behind thick clouds of dust. Outside it was hot. Such weather held past two weeks, and the air was glowing in the extreme over the last couple of days. All nature is literally pleaded about torrential rain, which is would have saturated the surrounding world long-awaited moisture.

The driver on the move took from his pocket pack of cigarettes, skillfully pulled one of these and lit a cigarette with pleasure. All thoughts of the young man now were occupied contradictory reflections. A few days ago, he hurriedly escaped from his native city. On it he had his own a very weighty reasons.

The car warmed up, to breathe becomes harder, even the wind rushing through the open window, in conjunction with the air conditioner did not save the situation. Driver was thirsty. The man reached for the bottle of water that lay on a nearby seat.

“What the hell” grumbled Tom taking a sip “as if from the oven. When will rain?!” He added gloomily, brushing from his face the dusty hand big drops of sweat.

The road was deserted. The young man glanced at the speedometer. Gasoline came to an end, and until the next filling station it was a couple of miles.

“C’mon baby, do not let me down,” he said, with the hope of adding speed.

However, after a few minutes the car jerked and stood as dead in her tracks. The fuel was at zero.

“Shit,” in warm blood Tom cursed and got out of the machine.

It was necessary to solve something, either wait for a passing machine, which is not a fact that will travel here in the next day, or to walk in the heat, searching for refueling. The man thought for a moment and reached into the trunk. The journey would be long, is why he promptly inserted into the backpack a couple of bottles of water, two packs of cigarettes and, just in case, hunting knife which he has got from his late father.

Tom hasty plodded along the dusty road. The salty sweat rolled down from the man’s face, draining partially into his mouth. He winced and spit it on the ground. The sun beats down. Tom stripped off his T-shirt completely soaked in sweat, and tied on his head, hoping somehow to escape the heat. Going was becoming heavier, thirsty; man every now and then was swallowing slobber, so he’s been trying to extend the water reserves. It was unknown how many had yet to go.

The weather began to deteriorate abruptly. The sky gradually tightened dark blue clouds. Somewhere in the distance flickered flashes of lightning, thunder accompanied by a thud.

“It cannot be,” said Tom, surprised and quickened his step. “It is necessary to have time to hide somewhere” he added, glancing at the threatening sky. Thunder and lightning, obviously, does not bode well after such a hellish heat.

Flashes of lightning and claps of thunder resounded was somewhere nearby. The first large drops of rain fall from the sky to the earth, gradually growing stronger. A few minutes later he had turned into a downpour, steaming with the glow land. The air was muggy and heavy. Breathing becomes difficult. The man felt that he got into the steam room. Tom turned off the road into the woods, hoping that there he will be able to remedy the lack of oxygen. In the forest, indeed, was breathing easier. The man fell down on the grass and sighed with relief. Rain still continued to pour, as if trying to saturate the earth in the time that has been lost.

Tom closed his eyes and sank into deep thought. In the brain revolved accursed roulette. Black, red, zero, blackjack… This over reliance on the game and forced him to leave his hometown and go wantonly into the unknown. For half a year the man has lost everything that he had: a new car, an apartment. Jill — girlfriend of Tom — knowing that he is a player, broke up with him. But it was not only that. Tom was not just lose everything that has amassed, he is also remained owe to a dangerous men… a hundred thousand dollars. The debt return to it, of course, there was nothing, so Tom decided to flee. Life was expensive.

It was getting dark. The sky cleared, frequent rain was replaced by sparse. However, the stuffiness has not disappeared. In addition, mosquitoes and midges began have prevailed the man. Tom got up from the grass and went out again on the road. The wet beige pants stuck to the sweaty body. He took off his T-shirt from his head and had put on myself.

“So it dries faster,” he said, and walked again down the road. “None of the machines as luck! Getting lost whether that?!” Angrily said the man and looked around.

All around there was only a dark dense forest. No pointers were observed near. Suddenly his glance attracted a faint glimmering light that came out of the woods.

“Thank God! I hope I shall find help here!” Tom hasty headed to the direction whence the light was visible. “Well, the road” he muttered, trying to get around in darkness herbal tussocks.

Lastly the man approached to the two-story building with the sign “Hotel Greulich”. In the windows, lights were on. Beside the hotel there were several cars. Tom was glad such good fortune. Anybody so help him with gasoline. He stepped on the stony porch and entered into the vestibule. It was a small, cozy and clean. Opposite the reception desk stood a luxurious leather couch with two armchairs precisely same, but the administrator of nowhere to be seen.

“Is there anyone?” Tom asked, looking around.

However, the place was quiet. The man asked again, but to his call nobody responded. Suddenly he saw in the five meters away vague of dark color a groove which leads deep into the hotel. Tom approached to the lines and touched them by hand.

“It is blood? What happened here?” He whispered softly and hastily pulled out of the backpack the hunting knife.

“Help me” sounded away someone’s pleading voice.

Tom, stepping carefully, went to the call. The sweat rolled down off his face, but not from the stuffiness, but rather from fear. The man clearly aware that there happened, something terrible. Furrows of blood led to the side of the one who called for help.

Through pair minutes Tom found himself in the corridor. On the expensive carpets and on the floor, on the walls, on the furniture, — everywhere there were drops of blood. Suddenly, the man heard a loud groan.

“Where are you?” cautiously called out Tom, firmly clutching the knife.

“Here in the room” there was a worn out man’s voice.

Tom anxiously opened the door slightly, from where came the moans and appalled. At the sight of that opened his eyes, the man became badly, slightly dizzy.

“What the hell!” he swore, trying not to lose consciousness.

And there was something to shudder. In the room had a lot of bloodied bodies with wide open eyes. Horror was read to them. As in the corridor and in the room everything was in the blood.

“Is there someone alive?” a trembling voice called out Tom, do not end up believing that in this meat grinder someone could survive.

“I” right beside stirred one of the victims of an unknown assassin. It was a young man, approximately the same age as Tom. His face and clothes were covered with blood. He was breathing heavily.

“What happened here?” Tom cautiously leaned over the young man and hid the knife.

“We were attacked… yesterday” barely audible voice said the stranger.

“Who?” Tom asked again, horrified looking around. Maybe a murderer was still in the hotel, and we should be on the alert.

“A man… young. He killed everyone” convulsively having taken a sip air, said the young man. “Help me! I cannot breathe…” he said imploringly.

Tom grabbed the bloodied man in his arms and carried on to the porch.

“What is your name?” softly moaning, the young man asked.

“Tom,” the man said, and gently put the affected on the grass near the porch.

“Thank you, Tom. I am Tim… Tim Knighton…”

“Tim” thoughtfully repeated the man, he was familiar with the name “my car is on the road, but it gasoline has ended. I’ll take the gasoline out of these cars” he added, nodding toward the car standing still “and will come back for you.”

“Take one of these cars, and behind your back then” pleading said Tim. “Do not leave me here, please…”

“I’m afraid that will not turn,” Tom speculatively examined the machine at the porch “they all have the damaged wheel. Apparently, they are pierced by with a knife.”

“It’s a killer… his handiwork” Tim groaned and tried to rise. “Tom, be kind enough, take a first aid kit from the black SUV and submit to me. It is in the back seat.”

Tom, glancing warily, headed for the said Tim car, pulled out a first aid kit and returned to the wounded man:

“Tim, let me will search the wound.”

“No, do not, myself,” the man shook his head negatively and took from the hands of Tom’s medical kit. “Take until gasoline.”

While Tom was searching for a suitable container for gasoline, Tim has treated the wound and stood up. Man prefers not to look at the action. From childhood, he did not like the sight of blood.

“Tom, come to the road, we shall try to catch a passing car” limping, Tim walked to the man with the canister.

“Can you walk?” Tom asked incredulously.

“Yes, if you to me a bit help.”

Tim leaned on Tom, and they are in the dark, slowly walked to the road. Men stumbling about hillocks and stones, fell and rose. Coolness of the night managed to finally bring down the heavy stuffiness.

An hour later, the men came out onto the road. It was dark and deserted, only the brightest stars and the full moon lit a neighborhood.

“We can hardly wait for help here,” said Tom, helping Tim to lie down beside the road. “In the morning no cars…”

“Look,” the wounded the man showed in the opposite direction from which the faint light of the approaching car’s headlights were visible. “Help me up.”

Tom helped Tim to get up, and men approached to the road while waiting for salvation. After a couple of minutes to show and the machine itself. It was a Ford. Tom, supporting the wounded man, jumped out into the road and waved his hands in front of car. A bearded driver slammed on the brake pedal and stopped illuminating headlights men.

“You are crazy!” He shouted in anger, leaning out the window.

“We need your help! Help! Man is injured!” Tom rushed to the driver’s door, leaving the wounded man to stand on the road.

“What happened?” the bearded man asked, looking around in disbelief alternately to Tim with Tom.

“This man is wounded, he was attacked, and he needs to the hospital!” hurriedly said Tom.

“You are totally out of your mind! I do not see anyone! How do I know that this is not a hoax? What you are not criminals?” snorted contemptuously the bearded, without leaving the driver’s seat.

At this time, Tim walked around the car and half-opened the back door cautiously. However, a driver engaged in conversation with Tom, did not notice it.

“No, look for other fools!” Bearded man shouted and slammed on the gas pedal.

The car moved off, leaving bewildered Tom on the road.

“That bastard!” angrily man swore and spat on the road, looking at the leaving car. “Tim? Tim, where are you?”

Suddenly he saw that the machine braked sharply. Tom decided that the driver changed his mind and quickened his pace. Imagine his surprise when in the driver’s seat, he saw Tim.

But the young man did not even assume what happened after the car got under way.

“There are also slow-witted in this world” grinned the driver and the car moved off.


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