The Dreamer

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The Dreamer

For sure, a lot of people liked to take a nap. The crazy rhythms of life left them little time to rest, which still could be interrupted by unexpected problems. Sleep became somewhat desired and often unattainable. However, few made a cult of sleeping in the full sense of the word. This man was one of such eccentrics.

Compelled to go to work, he did it reluctantly, never got close to anyone and spoke with others only on business matters or in cases of emergency. He earned his livelihood and then reluctantly ate his food and satisfied his basic needs since without this the life of any human being was impossible. Absolutely conflict-free in communication and notably unpretentious in everyday life, he didn’t live but existed at daytime, and it was completely uninteresting to observe him. But everything changed as soon as he fell asleep, which happened immediately after returning from work and continued with short breaks until he was obliged to go there again.

Living in a dream, he imagined himself the king and the God, the Lord of the Universe, the Higher Mind. Fully conscious and controlling everything in his visions, he dwelt in that realm, fleeing from a dull grey reality where he was weak, inept and defenceless.

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