The comparative typology of Spanish and English

Texts, story and anecdotes for reading, translating and retelling in Spanish and English, adapted by © Linguistic Rescue method (level A1—A2)

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ISBN 978-5-4483-5215-7

О книге

All texts, a story and anecdotes for the translation from Spanish into Russian and English and from English into Spanish of the book adapted by foreign words-tips on © Linguistic Rescue method. There are keys for all the texts, a story and anecdotes. In this book I tried to uncover the main difficulties encountered on the way of learning Spanish and English languages, the difficulties which are the reason of the most common mistakes of the students.

Об авторе

Tatiana Oliva Morales

Tatiana Oliva Morales is the author of English and Spanish methods and manuals of the © Linguistic Rescue Series for accelerated preparation for the exams at school and university. The author has written more than 100 English and Spanish textbooks, including brochures and manuals; four English textbooks and exam tests for the Moscow Institute of Technology. She has got 25 years of teaching and translation experience in Europe, the UK, the USA and Latin America.

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