Super Queen-Mother. Book II. Life or Death

Super Queen-Mother. Book II. Life or Death

Book II. Life or Death

134 стр.
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The received signal “fight on” has rallied all the earthlings around Super Queen-Mother. She went into the match with confidence. The battle lasted a long time…

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Анна Собка

Not so long ago stumbled on a trilogy of this book. Super - Queen Mother. I will say that it is written more for girls/women. The name speaks I think for itself. Long story short, one day, the world of the main character Julia is totally changed. She learns that human civilization is not the only thing that every civilization must fight for their existence. And for the sixth civilization on Earth have to fight her! SHE is a fragile girl... She learn a lot, and it's not just her abilities as a fighter. I loved the moment when she goes out of the body... to concentrate, to believe in yourself, then gather at a point inside the abdomen, to find a way out and to swim (well, actually, this is the easy part). Description out-of-body is written as a guide to action. There was a feeling that the author really knows how it's done. And perhaps knows the truth?! So far have not tried it myself, so very afraid. In General, describes the "adventures" of Julia. Reading the description of nature or some places, the impression, that described my hometown. Sochi. Maybe just a coincidence, but really describes this wonderful place. Amazing book! Written interesting, the plot is unusual, the steeper is not the case. There are many moments where there is something to ponder, to reflect. The writing style is very pleased, not a lot of details, so there is a possibility for imagination. It would be cool a movie based on the book to remove. Moreover, very much on the scenario looks like. The book very much, I advise everyone!

February 8, 2016, в 10:35 AM


Evgeniy Shmigirilov
Evgeniy Shmigirilov

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