Eduard Dia Dinikin is a Russian writer, journalist and actor. He is the author of several novels and Chekhov Prize finalist. His work is deep psychological and extremely topical with unique mystical atmosphere, taking readers on a trilling journey full of puzzles and unexpected twists. “Summer. Day. Butterfly.” is a collection of selected stories reflecting the author’s perception of the world which is beautiful in its contradictoriness.


Eduard Dinikin
Eduard Dinikin
Eduard Dia Dinikin is a Russian writer, poet and actor. Author of novels «Manifestofel», «Moscow psychopath», «Mein Keif», «Serebro», «Three in a boat (To Say Nothing of the Charon)".The author published in literary magazines, collections, and Newspapers, including the Limonka newspaper, the print organ of the National Bolshevik Party, now banned in Russia. Now he lives in Saint-Petersburg.

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