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Good and evil!

(Psychological drama)

© Narsha Bulgakbaev

All rights reserved.

Location: cemetery

Number of characters: 1

Spirit — the soul of a dead person

At the head of the grave

(Makes bird sounds, laughs after then, suddenly turn to people and listens to the ground)

— Wake up, you bastards! (beats the ground) How long are you going to sleep there?

(Searches around himself, approaches one of the graves)

— Drunk Nick, come out! You said, you weren’t going to sleep tonight.

— Remember how we made a fuss at work, when we drank a lot of water, and also got on the Internet. (Laughs)

— Drank our whole lives, and then we got here. (Points to a grave)

(Beats the ground)

— What are you doing over there? Do you drink there too? You told an angel yesterday that you were always against bottles, and the angels believed you, and you believed them, you fool. Not angels, but you are a fool! Well, sleep, then today is not your day.

(Rises, looks at other graves)

— And over there lies… I don’t know the rest of them well, so I won’t bother them. I don’t know why, but I’m the only one who woke up today. So, today is my day.

— Nick is sleeping, I don’t know about others. Who should I talk to today? With myself?

— I think I know, with whom… But first, one question.

— No one needed me when I was alive, and who might need me now?

— Since you’re all here, does that mean you need me?

— I can help you. Because I have something to say.

— I probably won’t have friends today, since everyone is sleeping, well, okay!

— I need you (indicates the audience of the performance), but of course you will still be bored listening to me, but I will not stop talking.

— Hey, Evil!

— Oh, Good!

— Hear me…

— Hey, Evil! I don’t need you. You’ve done me nothing but harm!

— Oh, Good! You are exactly the one I need… Let’s try to help people together!

— I have more experience, because, unlike living people, I know what will happen after you are no longer in this life.

— Don’t call me crazy, okay? Evil can bring you nothing but harm. It seems I already said that. Then you can call me a psycho. (laughs)

— Seriously, I have a conversation with both of you…

— Yes, Good!

— Yes, Evil!

— Do you agree?

— Not empty words, but true words. No matter how stupid it sounds, let’s try to solve the problem of humanity.

— But you must first find out who you really are. And to find out, you need to answer all the questions, WHY (loudly) did you become who you are now? You can already start… Probably.

— Most people have become livestock. Locked up in a barn. And some are forest animals. Lost. When I look at them, they look like zoo animals. (laughs)

— Tell me honestly, you really love us. Oh, Good? Many people doubt this.

— Nobody tells the truth… Why don’t people tell the truth without cover, selflessly? Because… a lot of people seem scared. Everyone seems scared!

— If no one tells the truth, then I will tell it, if the listener will listen, I will tell!

— Good and Evil listen to me carefully!

— There is no historical truth now. There is no fair way. Because people can’t tell black from white. Now there are many consciously poor people, but their bank cards are overflowing with money.

— People misunderstand religion, so there is no honest way now.

— To know the true story, you need to see it with your eyes, and not deceive students with useless dates and numbers.

— Destroyed the palace of the soul, decorated the palace of life. As the evil ones said, they will look for the morally weak. Well, is it interesting to listen to me? It is very difficult for you to tolerate the truth.

— I heard the poor child crying. Evil, is that you?

— Who is guilty? Evil, is that you?

— Evil, I don’t want to believe you. Because I hate to lie. Don’t believe Evil, everything he says.

— Yes, to be honest, fake prophets are everywhere, does this mean that people do not have their own brains? Or are they just oblivious that they have become parrots?

— People think that they are forced to listen to them… Tell me honestly, do you like being a parrot? (indicates the audience of the performance)

— Oh, Good! Is it right for them to be an echo, and become the opinions of other people’s voices?

— You know that you are sold for money, others are happy to buy you, and you also lie with pleasure. Okay, let’s change the subject, because that’s too much accusation.

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