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Present for Pisces

You are the brightest star in the sky!

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(18—19th February — 19—20th March)










Feels intensely

Very kind and trusting

Depends on others

Not practical

The sign of Pisces

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Simbol: The two fishes

Planet: Neptune (Jupiter)

Piscean is the mutable water, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Neptune and Jupiter, traditional rulers of Pisces, symbolises Nature’s powers of growth and expansion. The liquid blessing falling upon the earth now, bringing the waters that literally catch the light, soften the soil, swell the seed and provide the vital nourishment medium. Seeds swell with the fluid that dissolves separateness and its rhythmic currents of becoming. It reflects light’s holistic vision into the matter. The hours of daylight are encroaching rapidly on those of darkness, the currents of life are surging upwards.

The myth of Pisces

Piscean myths is a story of love, which often invole sacrifice for love and transformation. It told about two lovers saving from monster. Beautiful girl was during a long time imprisonment in a tower, in which the Beast attempts to imprison Beauty but then, but a handsome prince had saved her. After he gives her up, they are feeling in love each other. But the monster was pursuing them. Then they jump off a cliff into a river. And the gods, taking pity on them, turning them into two fish.

According to another myth, Pisces represents the fish, into which Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed in order to escape the monster Typhon.

The symbol

Astrological symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, a symbolic image of the two hemispheres. Their mouths joined by a line. The latter owe its existence to a string of stars which joins the groups that form the fishes.

Pisces: “I swim inthe ocean of life!”

Spring comes, and then the time comes of Pisces. Pisces subjects are often depicted floating towards each other. The above illustration symbolizes an alternative situation: go with the flow or go against fate. Most representatives of this sign select the first option, and live a quiet life in an unreal world of dreams and hopes. Only those who find the strength to bravely face the dangers and difficulties of life and react positively, can achieve success in life.

By nature they are contradictory, mysterious and secretive. They have a lot of tenderness and self-sacrifice. These are inherent traits of the zodiac sign.

They are usually emotional in nature, and they can be vulnerable and sensitive. They look for sympathy and understanding, and prefer to live in their own rich inner world, indulging in melancholy.

They frequently seek solitude, and they find it difficult to deny the other person’s request. However, at the same time, their own life force is so small that they sometimes only have enough energy to perform normal daily activities. They live in a world of illusions, which can often be interpreted as wishful thinking.

They love convenience and comfort. Usually, they furnish their home with great taste. They often indulge in clairvoyance, and believe in reincarnation. They have fine intuition, and are very artistic.

In love they manifest themselves in different ways. They can break hearts, and tend to be victims of unrequited love.

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