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This book tell about the 12th sign of Zodiac. Pisces are sensitive, emotional, impressionable, vulnerable, gently, patient and intuitive. We invite you join to our Russian-British project and tell about yourself: vk.com/spiritschool

Об авторе

Angel Wight

Angel Wight is an astropsychologist. She has been interested in astrology for long time. She use studied it at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Oxford. Now she try to help people decide the problems and create a wonderful life. Please, write to her on email: angelwight8@gmail.com and got your chart next 12 months or your full personal birth chart.

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Enjoyable and Informative. A fun and informative book on Pisces, Angel Wight describes the complex personality that a person of this sign possesses. Highly enjoyable and easy to read.

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