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Ошарашивающие приключения Вадима Басова на космодроме БАЙКОНУР (1960—1963)

Ошарашивающие приключения Вадима Басова на космодроме БАЙКОНУР (1960—1963)

The stunning adventures of Vadim Basov at the BAIKONUR cosmodrome (1960—1963)

142 стр.
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These non-fictional memories only superficially concern the history of the world’s rocket technology and the development of complex technology, and even then, from the point of view of an ordinary and not too disciplined soldier. However, it is quite possible to touch the minds of readers by turning them to a more thorough study of the beginning of the history of cosmonautics in the world. And this period was absolutely unique in the history of the USSR, and of all mankind on Earth.

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Вадим Басов
Author of the book and photos Vadim Basov Moderation, cover art, and images are from the author. The book is automatically translated into English by paragraph. Novice translators will practice on mistakes. Evertheless, the author asks the reader’s forgiveness. The author served in the army at the BAIKONUR cosmodrome (1960—1963) He witnessed the initial epoch of cosmonautics development in the USSR. It has survived rocket accidents and loss of life, but he has adapted to the new conditions of life with genius. By reading this book, you will support its existence.
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