The beginning of the way

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ISBN 978-5-4483-6000-8

О книге

“Mars. The beginning of the way " – this is the first part of a post-apocalyptic novel, describing the lives of the people in 2030, after the global cataclysm on Earth. In the first part of the book, the action takes place in Kazakhstan, Astana city.

Об авторе

Janna Karagozina

Hello Dear Reader. I am Karagozina Janna, from Kazakhstan, Astana city. My book: Mars. The beginning of the way. This will be a series of three books. I am currently writing the second part of the book. Will be named: Crystal City. Action will take place in the mystical Crystal underground city, which was built by the Anunnaki. Next followed the third part of the book. Where all will begin with the cities of Jacques Fresco, located in America.

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