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Some time ago I decided to build a house. For rest, for life, for offspring. I do not have any children, but they should appear sometime? I looked after the place for a long time, even in my childhood. Here we went for a drive on bicycles. If you go on the highway from St. Petersburg, the station Vaskelovo remains on the right. Then you cross the small bridge over Lake Lembolovskoe (the most beautiful places!) And climb the hill. From here you can enjoy picturesque views of the surroundings. Rare large pines, dry sandy place, what could be better? Without bargaining, I bought a half hectare of land. He made his way, spent electricity, stretched out the gas. I set up a cabins for workers, built a guest house, and set about building my house. Excavation, foundation, brick walls. The work was in full swing.

The guest house is small, one-storey, made of timber. Two rooms, a living room and a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom. All the amenities, as in the city. I put the house on the very edge of the plot, by the forest. Here I came from the city to monitor the construction of the House, resting on the weekend. My wife, Valentine, has never appeared here. But I also started all this construction, to run away sometimes from the city, from worries, troubles, and from my wife. Living with her recently was just unbearable.

We were married for several years. Valentina was an interesting woman, otherwise I would not have married her. But there was something “nervous” about her that manifested itself more and more with time. I wrote off this for her sexual dissatisfaction, because Valya never experienced an orgasm. What was the reason, I did not know. Maybe I am?

We lie with his wife in his chic bedroom of his six-room apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. This is a rare case when we are both in the same bed and both are awake. Our regimes do not fundamentally coincide. I’m a lark, she’s a night owl. I get up early, Valya at noon. She comes home when I’m already asleep. Therefore, we often sleep together, not together.

But today I decided to lie down in the bedroom. And I can not sleep, I watched a good movie late. I heard Valentina come. And here she is with me in bed.

“What are you lying here for?”

— Cinema watched.

“And I’m tired today.” This vulgar vernissage with cheap canvases. Only my head ached.

If Vali has a headache, then there will be no sex. This is an unwritten rule. But the rules are there to exclude them from them? As, for example, today.

“Will you go with me to the dacha tomorrow?”

— And what is there to do?

“Well, there’s nature, we’ll rest.”

— I saw such a rest.

“It’s quiet and calm there.”

Plebe rest.

I did not answer. Valya herself from the village. Her parents and relatives live there. During those years that she lives with me, she turned into a real socialite, despising all the mob that is below her on the social ladder. And she did not work for a single day. Also sits only on my neck. However, I myself am guilty, in all it I indulge.

You can not call Valya very beautiful. But when she is inspired by something, when her eyes are burning, she is admired. However, all less often. Yes, and sex with us is not a frequent visitor. Valya is lean, like all neurasthenics, even a little angular. But there was a time, there were days and nights, when for hours on end we made love.

— For a long time we did not love each other.

— I say, my head hurts.

“You do not love me anymore?”

“Do not talk nonsense.”

Sometimes it comes to my mind that Valya does not love me. And I married only because of my money. And do I love her?

Today something has fallen on me, I continue the conversation.

“Do you remember how we set the record eight times a night?”

— I remember.

“Let me kiss you.”

“Your armpits stink.”

— It’s not true, I took a shower and refreshed myself with deodorant.

“So that’s how your deodorant stinks.”

I lean over my wife, kiss her on the lips.

— You hurt me.

— Than?

— You give me a chest.

“Sorry, but how?”

Valya does not answer. I go down below, kiss her breasts. Valentina has a small chest. I used to like it once. I kiss each other in turns. Under my lips they harden.

When we met, Valya’s stomach was absolutely flat. Now he added a little in volume. The abdomen added, but the chest did not. I kiss the belly, I go below. I know, Valentine likes it.

Previously, Valya also kissed my lower abdomen. We did it in turn, she told me, then I told her. But after the wedding somehow gradually blowjob performed Wali came to naught. Blowjob — no, rhyme. And cunnilingus in my performance remained. So now I’m clinging to her crotch and caressing the female genitalia with my tongue. It excites Valentine, me too. My penis is ready, he is eager to fight. And I let go of the reins. Time after time, the phallus enters the vagina. More, more, more, more. Soon, and orgasm. For a long time, before, I deliberately delayed his offensive. I thought that the possibility of testing the orgasm of Valey depends on the duration of the sexual intercourse. And when I felt that I would soon finish, I switched mentally to something extraneous, not sexual. So I could delay orgasm almost at any time. But it did not help Vale to experience it. One day she told me that she was talking about this topic with her mother. And she said that she had never even had an orgasm. Heredity?

I had no intention to stretch the act and I finished it. Almost immediately Valya lay down on her side, turning away from me. All right, good night.

Having built a guest house on the site (not for guests, but for myself), I built a bathhouse near it. Real, wooden, with a therma. And also with all the amenities. To steam in a bath — what could be better for health and relaxation?


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