Big Bang

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ISBN 978-5-4490-7331-0

О книге

The protagonist builds a large country house. And yet he does not know that this house will become the personification of his new life, his new great love. The action takes place in our days, in the village of Vaskelovo near St. Petersburg. It seems to be all corny. Marriage, betrayal, a new woman. But a great feeling gives the narrative an extraordinary sensuality, beauty, originality.

Об авторе

Vitaly Mushkin

This is the twenty-first story of Vitaly Mushkin. For the first time the author shifts the emphasis from eroticism to love relationships. Less sex, and more love? May be so. On its own, of course, interesting. But if there is love, then any relationship between people, including sex, is painted in completely different, more vivid colors. Much more vivid. And really touching our hearts.

Александр Невзоров

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