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─ Isabelle, you must hurry. You’re late for school. Do not darken this day even more.

Ignoring her mother’s remark, Isabelle continued to pack. Sitting in front of the mirror, she picked up her lipstick, while admiring her beauty. Her curls were gilded and shone like the clear sun. They were too perfect for natural hair color, but that was their beauty. With proper care, they were inimitable.

Isabelle’s phone suddenly rang and she picked it up. She did it imposingly, in a very specific manner.

─ Just don’t say you’re ready, ─ she said into the phone. ─ We are always late the first day. This is our tradition.

─ Isabelle, this is a disaster, ─ Beatrice told her. ─ Konrad doesn’t answer me. We agreed to meet with him. But he still does not exist.

─ He’s probably sleeping. Not the fact that he will come to school today.

─ Did you hear what I told you!? He promised to pick me up from home. He definitely planned to be in school.

─ I’m sorry, but plans change sometimes. Are you going overboard?

─ If so, he could have warned me. It’s not difficult at all.

─ You should ask Konrad about this. I will not answer you for it.

─ He has been acting very strange lately. I don’t even know what it’s connected with.

─ Get him to talk. Let him explain himself to you.

─ It would be that easy. Okay, see you at school. Then I’ll go without him.

─ See you soon.

Putting down the phone, Isabelle opened her lipstick and put on her lips. The pale cinnamon shade suited her perfectly.

─ What a bore you are, ─ said Stan, walking down the long sidewalk, ─ tell her that you don’t love her anymore and that’s the end of it. Why turn everything into drama?

─ I don’t want to offend her, ─ said Konrad in response, ─ she is so vulnerable.

─ By doing this you humiliate her. This is Beatrice. Tell her as it is.

─ It would be that easy.

Konrad and Stan were best friends. They had no secrets from each other and some even small secrets. They knew each other from childhood and completely trusted each other. This was the essence of their friendship. Nothing could come between them. Especially the girl.

─ Girls, finally we are high school students, ─ Isabelle exclaimed as she walked through the school gates. ─ Childhood is over. Ahead are night festivities, fashionable parties and the best private parties. Who will stop us now!?

─ But there were parties before, ─ said Celeste, ─ are there big changes coming?

─ They have already arrived. Whatever it was before, now everything is in an adult way. Take a look.

─ Sounds threatening.

─ It depends on what you are afraid of.

─ Look, Konrad is here, ─ Beatrice trembled, ─ is he kidding me!?

─ Do it today. Find out everything. Without a reason, he would not have behaved this way.

─ I need to go to the library, ─ said Celeste, ─ I’ll see you in class.

Leaving hastily, Celeste was tormented by awkwardness. No one noticed this, but judging by the manner of her behavior, and should not have. She clearly didn’t want that.

─ Is it just me, or is she not in the mood? ─ Voiced by Beatrice.

─ She is wearing shoes from last season, ─ Isabelle replied, ─ what kind of mood could she have?

─ You know she’s not a big fan of fashion. Studying is much more interesting to her.

─ What about our reputation? She thinks only of herself.

─ She’s very good anyway. At least she can be trusted.

─ I’m not sure yet. We have been friends with her since last year. And to tell the truth, I don’t even know why. If not for you, I would have broken up with her long ago. I don’t consider her my friend. This status still needs to be earned.

During the lesson, Beatrice wrote to Konrad. He answered her with emoticons and dodged direct questions. She didn’t expect more from him. When the bell rang, she fished him out in the corridor and tried to bring him into conversation, but the guys from the football team snatched him away from her. She was again left with nothing.

─ It looks like everything is very bad, ─ said Isabelle, ─ I understand that you are crazy about him, but you cannot allow yourself to be treated like that. You clearly deserve more.

─ But I don’t want to lose him. He is the best.

─ You know, it’s your own fault. There was nothing to indulge him. Guys need to be kept on a short leash. Especially peers. They are the same as small children.

─ Everything was perfect for us. Until last week he carried me in his arms. And now he doesn’t pay attention. As if he doesn’t care about me.

─ Maybe this is the case? Think for yourself, why would they pretend to be!?

─ You know, you are unbearable. I’m already afraid of being rejected, and then there’s you.

─ I am simply telling you the truth. Don’t lie to yourself.

─ Okay, let’s say you’re right. How can I be sure of this? I do not like to torment myself with speculation.

─ I have already said. Ask him directly. This is the only way to figure it out.

The Rossland educational institution was very spacious inside. Walking through the hall, the students hardly crowded. They had where to roam. They did not feel constrained.

─ So what happened to you? ─ Stan asked Konrad, ─ why did you stop taking an interest in her?

─ I like someone. And very much. I can’t control myself.

─ Who is this person? I know her.

─ You know. And very good.

─ Hmm. Decided to intrigue me?

─ Everything is very difficult. I don’t know how to deal with all this.

─ First, explain to Beatrice. Don’t make a fool out of her.

Stanley Donovan was not famous for being consistent with girls. Serious hobbies were not for him, and his last romance lasted no more than twelve hours. That was Stan by nature. Couldn’t be reliable and loyal. This made him different from others. Konrad is an angel compared to him.

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