In the heart

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Arriving in South Korea, I was waiting at the airport, then a man comes up to me, in the form of a police officer, or an employee at the airport and says: -Madam! your Luggage was sent to Russia by mistake! sorry, I can’t contact them, what the connection is bad! and gone away.«Yeah! bad connection, damn I have my money and all stray!«I went out on the road where the cars went! Then I saw a white car rushing straight at me, I abruptly closed my eyes and let happen what may! Then I heard the whistle of brakes and the driver leaned out the window and said: — Are you tired of living? watch your step! When I stood still, he stood beside me.Maybe you hurt yourself.and he began to look at me from all sides. -Yes I, Yes I want to die! and everything, and Fig am I supposed to live is missing, to aspire to! He shoved me into his car and asked.: — You don’t know who I am? I let it go, and I said,:
-I came here for work, but I was told that my Luggage was sent to Russia! I covered my face with my hands, but I don’t want to cry in front of him. -Give you me get out at a traffic light and I can take it! — You really don’t know who I am? I of course knew, my a favorite singer and the actor, but why to speak, I decided do kind of, that not quite hear, only heard that he said: -Tesso! the car slowed down, I prepared to get out, thanking in advance, but the door was locked. -Thank you! I like neither! open the door!
Nope it will not go where you need to sleep, eat and freshen up! -I’m fine! I have a problem here. Not okay. He grabbed the wheel and we went again. -What’s your name? — Seubeteullana,;;;;;, and in Russian Light! We stopped he walked to the door of his house, going into the house, I was met by a chocolate dog, with a curled tail. — Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite! -And I’m not afraid, I have two dogs there!
That’s good! I’ll go make us something to eat.And he went into the kitchen, I heard what he was doing.after brought four egg roll and put it on the table in front of me! The sofa was the color of khaki and a built-in TV was football and left, were two stuffed animals, one black, whether cat, or dog, and the second is red, the right dog, this I understand. -Eat more! he said. — Yeah! a favorite phrase of Koreans! — What? we care about each other so much, there’s nothing wrong with that. -What’s the name of the dog? the dog is staring at me staring, I know she liked me, Yes it is! I looked at my dead iPhone and put it on the table. Monger! you liked her, didn’t you? I nodded my head! -Honey! I, too, girls, damn I have a power Bank is left in the Luggage.And then you need to call! — Let me give you mine, wait a second! a couple of seconds later brought and I put to charge your phone: -Thank you! half an hour later I saw that my phone was charged and I shouted loudly: -Oh! my phone is charged, thank you, really for everything! I’m very grateful to you. — Call! maybe I found your Luggage! -Yes! make a call! I dialed the number, but there was no answer, only the answering machine: this subscriber is not available now, try to call later!» -What the hell? I swore in Russian, just heard a voice: — Huh? What? We looked at each other and I said: -All kaput, my Luggage was nowhere to be seen, all is failure! -Do not worry you, talk to you later! in the meantime, you stay here, period! -Araso! araso! I replied.-But me before you is not convenient!
You can do it! I know! I’m going bowling tonight, do you want to keep me company? -Of course! I don’t mind bowling king, as you said this is your second home!
Honky was a little surprised. -Ah, that’s the same? you knew who I was, right? I nodded and said: Which is it? -Is it normal? like what? you ignore me? -No! no way, I catch your every word, do not miss the ears! — Yeah! I would have believed it!
Don’t be! OK? if, then, in the car, I would say who you are, don’t you think that would help me, would think I was a groupie or a Stalker, to me at that moment was not a star but a human help!

— Don’t like it or to join us, we rightly move there is a chicken.«Why not?«I do not know them well, this is an occasion to get to know each other better. -I’m happy! Already in the cafe, I told Sari: — Your song Soba, cool, great job! respect! -I know! Hey, you got a crush on our Hyung? I almost choked on a chicken. — And why did you leave his house? you live together? I nodded and replied.: But that’s not really what you’re thinking, here I came, lost Luggage, well, that is not quite lost him sent back to Russia, how many times I called, no answer, and Honky decided to help me and kept a roof over my head, that’s all, and for the first question, no he is my friend! — A on eyes not do you say! Minari stared into my eyes.«I won’t give up, they won’t know,» I shouted in the shower. -No! he’s my friend, so how do I get back? I do not know the road. — We will! right Minari? Minari ate up the last piece and licking each finger said: -Yes! of course we do! I was wondering.: — Guys tell me what happens Honky? — Why are you interested in him? -I’m under the same roof with him live, I want to know what his character? to what excess not make, and the still to be offended. -The nature of the GM… he, every time he changes like a chameleon, he is very vulnerable when his girlfriend left him because of his tight schedule, he was depressed, but he’s a good, good guy. But the team want to know? — I already know everything. -Like what? -Your genre of music kapap, rock n roll, and the band, like so and Honky does not like it at all, that’s it! And you forgot to add that Honky is like an open book that you can read by looking at his songs, it’s like I’m reading a message, but it can be very sad. How’s that? reading our songs? -I translate them into Russian and have to penetrate into the heart of the song. — Why are you translating? -Of course a stupid question, so I’ll let you listen to a Russian song, you’ll want to know what it is? right? And our Russian divas too. I see! are you one of them? is that it? -No, no!
You a fan? -No! I told you he was just helping me! -Yes! fine, get it already! and here we are, the light does not light, Honky still hasn’t returned.Do you even remember the code? -Yes! I have a good memory for numbers, I can remember 20 numbers at once. Wow! picked up Minari. — And if I hear someone say numbers or phone number, I immediately remember.Thank you guys!
You’re welcome! next time I promise we’ll all be together, our whole group! -Well I’ll be glad meeting you all! I waved and went inside.It was empty and heart was the same emptiness. I wound and went to sleep.The next morning: I did not test myself and quickly washed.Then I decided to call and see about the baggage. Up took a man. -Hello? -About the Luggage room 233,a week ago I came here and wanted to know where my Luggage sent? he answered without hesitation: — Russia! What? — What? conversely, I came from there (I heard Honky came back and nodded to him). — Get me the Russian Embassy! Then heard the call forwarding and dial tone, then picked up the girl and Russian asked: What you wanted? introduce yourself please! I said my name and raised my voice, "But am I doing the right thing?«I did not pay attention, I wanted to find out everything once and for all, I could not resist and blurted out in Russian, Honky looked at me like that.The girl for a long time toil and said that yesterday was your Luggage number 233 sent to Seoul and from day to day will arrive, you will call. -Well so at once also told! thanks! I hung up. Was it mate? who were you scolding? — How do you know it’s mate? Yes, so there are those who are infuriating. — A such words are quickly remembered. — Well, I’ve moved on, my Luggage will be here soon and I’ll get a call. — Yes this is the good news! Hey I have a concert tomorrow, come with me! — Yes you that me will eat your groupies alive. — I promise no one will know! that you with me!
All right then! the next day we went to Japan. I decided to ask: -Why do you often have concerts in Japan? — View: description
FT Island is a Korean rock ballad band. The official color of the group is yellow. we debuted under the wing of the Agency FNC Entertainment with the album «Cheerful Sensibility» in 2007. Our debut CD was the sixth on the sales of 2007. The name of the band FT Island stands for «Five Treasure Island» («Island five treasures»). Five treasures are, of course, five members of the group: Choi John Hun (Choi Jong Hun), Lee Hong Ki (Lee Hong Gi), Lee Jae Jin (Lee Jae Jin), Choi Min hwan / Choi Min min (Choi Min Hwan), son Hyun (Song Seung Hyun).We made our debut in Japan. -AHHH! I see! thank you, why so thoroughly the? — You wanted to know, that’s all. The concert is always held that Honky was able to warm up the atmosphere in the hall. When the concert ended, he asked me to get in the car earlier and when he got in too, we were surrounded by fans, he leaned over to me to fasten his seat belt, and the car immediately pulled away and our lips met. He abruptly stepped back from me apologizing! I was dumbfounded, not by what he did, but by the fact that I saw the eyes of the groupies, they were rude anger. I was seriously scared and told the driver: — Go faster! and we finally drove off, but I still can not forget these views that clung to me and do not let go. God give me strength. Are you afraid of them? -What’s not to fear, they are over the idol, ready to break anyone who stands in their way! I’m scared to go outside now. When we got to the airport, I met a friend on the social network, it was Fuji Mina! she’s someone watched, after seeing it, I waved and said Hello.She came up to us first, she greeted Honky, then moved on to me: -Hey friend from Facebook that you’re not writing?
Look, as you’ll meet and talk.now we’re in a hurry, are we really in a hurry? I looked at Honky, he was standing there, dumbfounded by the turn. I knew all about their story, and then she said,: — Didn’t you tell him that? I pressed my finger to her lips and said in a whisper: -Shut up! he knows nothing, the time has not yet come!
And it is clear, after tomorrow I come to Seoul, and then we’ll talk okay? — Okay! and she went about her business. — You,,, how do you know her? — So we met in the social network and talked!
About what? if not secret? — About music, about my novels and poems and all. — I see! The next day, Honky took me to his Agency.The crowd as always was very popular, I wore dark glasses not to see those angry faces.The guys waved at us and asked Johan: — And why do you have fans with such faces?
I know why! I realized he wanted to keep it a secret. -Eh! guys! and let’s after work sit in a cafe and drink a glass of soju, how do you look at it? said Sari.All agreed, and Honky remained silent: — And silent? silence… He interrupted.: — I know, I know, a sign of agreement. I don’t mind! We waited for all the fans to go home. On dorabella middle of the night. We got to the cafe and ordered soju, I sat next to Honky. When our order was brought and the snack was a spicy chicken. When I tried the soju.She was only 13 degrees weak and I thought, «how are they getting drunk? even if you drink six bottles, for I will not be awake"And we drank a bottle for six, someone wanted to order more I talked: — Don’t do that, stop it! you are our Russian vodka have not tried one shot all at once floated. We went outside, everyone said goodbye.And we stayed together. I got embarrassed and Honky said,: — Are you scared of me? and leaned towards me. — No you what? -Why are you shaking?
I’m freezing! after all, fall is here, cold. I tried to take it aside, but he wouldn’t back down.: -I think so are you afraid of me why don’t know. Why would you? I’m not afraid of you, and why should I be afraid of you? — I’m a man and you’re a woman!
Which is it? what’s that? — And how? probably do not understand what I mean? -I don’t want to put it out of your head, what do you always climb a stupid

thought. Is not stupid, hear don’t you fall in love with me. Who’s talking? I don’t even think about it! and itself «Lie, lie». We need time, it’s not right now. -I’m sorry! for that moment in the car. — Why are you apologizing? it’s not your fault, the driver.Brought it closer to his face, I started even more nervous,«I Guess checks my strength, but I’ll stand to the last, now is not the time!»«Oh my God those brown eyes I’ll never leave you alone, I’m drowning in them completely». I nervously swallowed and said: — Stop testing me! — What have I done to you? I didn’t know what to say and how dumb she kept quiet. We stood and what the motorcyclist drove us sideways throwing me into His arms, my heart began pounding.men’s strong hands were holding me so I fell and I again stalled, then he asked: -You have a case?…«No he will not know» -No case, just not comfortable like that in front of you. Yeah I’m not hard, to help her in difficult times. I waved.: — Come on, it wasn’t worth it. I would I…«Damn I almost admitted that!«I told myself. — What?… — There’s nothing, just like that. — Nothing ever happens for nothing! -I have sometimes, okay I want to ask you, teach me your dance, I wanna dance just like you, all the traffic that was yours!
Wow! why should I?
I want everything! — Okay! then we need to get home fast and I’ll show you what I can do. «I know exactly what you’re capable of, well, it’ll be fun.«I thought. We got to the house and he started to show his movement and immediately said: — How can I show you this movement if I can’t touch you?
Say’s who? me? I don’t remember, but I need help. please! I won’t say a word against it. — Okay, well, look, if anything, I’ll stop. I nodded and had to hold my breath and endure all the touch, I took for affection, but I will not say. We repeated the whole movement and I said: — Hong! you’re fast! I’m late sometimes. — Nothing will happen in time, you’ll see. -And still I want with you to develop slow dancing, can you help?
What for? — For my poem
-Can together make it not poetry, and the song, well, then I’ll help. -I’m certainly not used to writing with someone, but you’re an exception. Well, let’s just tomorrow, because I’m tired, and you could use a break. Goodnight!«My love» wanted to get out of my heart. — Well, good night and get ready for tomorrow. I nodded my head and went to bed.The next day: Was special.After Breakfast, Honky said: -Are you ready? — Yes sir I always is ready! I raised my hand near my forehead, it looked ridiculous that he laughed.The slow music began to play.it was love sick, I didn’t know why he chose her. We twirled across the dance floor and I guess the movement, he asked: — How do you know these moves? I looked into his eyes and said,: — Don’t know, I feel, too, that and you! My heart was beating so hard you could hear it.«Do what?«my hands started shaking and my fingertips were sweating,«what?«I didn’t know the answers to my questions,» if only I hadn’t noticed, ' I prayed. When we finished, it wasn’t really cool. -Well? what are your thoughts? where to start? I’ve always been inspired, and he’s more than an inspiration. -Yes, there are a few ideas to burn! — Okay! you write your version, I’ll put mine together and then we’ll see what happens. Yes, the task is easy, but I want it to be a hit, really don’t know whose yet! — My version. I said. «A delicate dance!
I dance with you softly, I want to hold you close. Affectionate whole, And you want your air to breathe!

The fire burns gently, Inside me. Rather palm, You hold me.

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