I am your woman!

Military&Criminal Melodrama

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ISBN 978-5-4474-4173-9

О книге

The novel «I am your woman!» was written in Krasnodar and Moscow. It is about the fate of modern military men. On the background of disorder there develop such social diseases as bribery, corruption. Honesty of main heroes — Dasha Sviridenko and Alexander Garov — draws them closer to each other in this chaos. They try to understand if they really love each other. But their feelings are so timid and unprotected that Dasha and Sasha are at a loss for they can’t overcome other people’s «interests».

Об авторе

Julia Rudenko

Julia Rudenko — Russian writer, journalist and musician. Lives and works in Moscow. Popular with readers deserve his dynamic writing style and a sharp eye on the situation in life. www.urudenko.com On the cover is a portrait of the author.

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