The wrong war

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ISBN 978-5-4474-7739-4

О книге

Events in Syria in 2015 brought thousands of people from different countries together and caused a clash between them. The reasons why all of them had been there were different, but war and the fear of death always make people equal. The desire to survive forces every human to act and, at times, it is not as he wants and is able. When a terrorist organization gets a weapon that can shoot down airplanes, the militants immediately use it against the American jets.

Об авторе

Igor Yevtishenkov

Igor Yevtishenkov was born in 1967 in the city of Kharkov, the former USSR, where he graduated from high school. In 1993, he graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages with BD in translation. In addition, in 1998—2001 he graduated from the Open University, the UK, with MBA degree. Communication with various people gradually replenished his archive of short stories and sketches, which he used in his subsequent works.

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