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Human Being Theory

Human Being Theory

For Dummies

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Time goes fast, new questions arise about human life, society, history, education, family, happiness… Old philosophy, old psychology have no instruments (concepts, methods, ideas) to answer these questions. New concepts like Levels-of-Mind model and Big-Triplet model plus minor models like Worlds-of-Life and Layers-of-Being wait you here. Use it to answers tough questions about the Time and the Life.

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Vita Shtivelman

I know your amazing theory before it made to a book. All success in all your work!

November 17, 2016, в 2:41 PM
автор книги
Яков Фельдман

Thank you!

November 17, 2016, в 3:26 PM
Stanislav Nikolsky

Thank you very much for your work. Such combination of form and content is fantastic. It is so capacious, succinctly, clearly and concise that I’ve never seen before.

November 14, 2016, в 12:32 PM
Alexei Shoustov

Book «Human Being Theory» and its predecessor «Levels’ theory and a model of human being» by Jacob Feldman is a great (IMHO) model. It goes well with my own views on the psyche. (And, it seems to me, that our talks somehow influenced the development of the theory of Mr. Feldman)

November 14, 2016, в 12:23 PM
Leonid Bedratyuk

Good day. … I got hooked on your theory :) All my life I used to think that when a person dies somebody explains to him clearly and briefly how and why the world and man are working as they are. Suddenly It turned out that the explanation could be found in your books…

November 14, 2016, в 12:12 PM


Jacob Feldman
Jacob Feldman
Jacob Feldman (рус. Яков Адольфович Фельдман) was born in Odessa, (former USSR, now Ukraine) in 1957. Now lives in Saint-Patersburg, Russia, teaches in private math, physics, computer sciences. Inhabis FaceBook where keeps groups on education and YouTube where puts video lectures. This is his first e-book in English.

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