Films and Levels — 3

Humans and Angels

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ISBN 978-5-4483-9117-0

О книге

In this sequel book author analyzes 15 films (1988—2016) with his own instruments of analysis. He uses concept of levels described in the book «Human Being Theory (for Dummies)». You may consider it as a «theory-and-practice of everyday life’s psychological analysis for everybody».

Об авторе

Jacob Feldman

Jacob Feldman (рус. Яков Адольфович Фельдман) was born in Odessa, (former USSR, now Ukraine) in 1957. Now lives in Saint-Patersburg, Russia, teaches in private math, physics, computer sciences. Inhabits FaceBook where keeps groups on education and YouTube where puts video lectures. This is his fourth e-book in English.

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