Бесплатный фрагмент - Hella

The history of an unusual squirrel. Book 1

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Summer morning, as always, pleased the taiga with gentle dew. In the thick taiga on the big shaggy cedar sleeping in his cozy nest squirrel Hella. She was an unusual squirrel. Her gentle blue coat color beautifully poured into the sun and literally bewitching look.

The sun’s rays began to make their way more persistently through the dense branches of the cedar and finally reached the squirrel. Hella winced, pulled out her paws and opened her eyes. Squirrel descended from the cedar and washed the muzzle still not evaporated by dew. Hella climbed back into the nest to eat. She sat down by a small hill of pine nuts and began to chew them. Squirrel was upset when the nuts were over. Many nuts were spoiled, so the squirrel remained hungry.

“It’s time to collect bumps again and get nuts,” Hella thought and went for the nuts.

Moving from tree to tree, Hella approached the big cedar.

“How many cones! Now I have enough supplies for a long time!” Exclaimed Squirrel.

She tore off the burdock leaf to carry as many cedar cones as possible and put it under the cedar.

Squirrel climbed behind the cones, deftly jumping from branch to branch, and almost at the top of the cedar saw a huge cedar cone. Hella tried to reach her, but she staggered and fell. The squirrel fell, clinging to the branches of the cedar, and hung on his shaggy paw, but, unfortunately, hit his side. She scratched her aching side and began to get back to the cedar cone again.

“Stubborn squirrel, you woke me up,” the owl grinned and sat down on the branch. “I’ll help you squirrel get a cedar cone.”

The owl flew to the top of the cedar, grabbed a cedar cone and dropped it to the ground.

“Thanks owl,” Hella thanked, “Excuse me, but that disturbed your sleep.”

“Stubborn, but polite squirrel,” the owl said, “I see a beautiful bracelet around your neck. You give it to me?”

Belochka was embarrassed and answered, “Without him I can not live. He is very dear to me.”

“Do not worry,” said the owl again. “The time will come and maybe you can help me in some way. What is your name?”

“Hella,” said the squirrel.

“And my name is Sofia,” said the owl.

“Farewell to Hella,” the owl hooted again and flew away.

Squirrel Hella picked up some more cedar cones and dropped them to the ground. She came down from the cedar, wrapped the cones in a burdock leaf and hurried home.

Hella almost reached her cozy nest, when suddenly a hedgehog blocked the way. He sprawled all over the leaves, twisted his face, raised his hands terrifically and snorted, “I’m stamping my feet, I can trample you. I do not bite my teeth, but I can tear you up. I’m a thief, a hedgehog, like a needle. Give me your squirrel supplies, and I will not hurt you.”

“How funny you are,” Hella said with a grin, “First you catch me, then scare me.”

Squirrel in an instant climbed a tree and hid on a branch.

The hedgehog has bypassed a tree in one and other party. He sniffed the tree trunk and tried to climb up to the squirrel, but slid down the trunk down to the ground. Then the hedgehog decided to run up to the tree with a running start, but again failed. Hella giggled loudly, teasing the hedgehog with her tail.

“Again, I’ll go to bed hungry,” whispered hedgehog, “the second day I can not get the normal delicious food. Caterpillars and worms have already become disgusting. Forgive me, squirrel. I did not mean that. I really want to eat.”

Hella went down to the hedgehog and asked, “Why did not you just ask me to give you a cedar cone?”

“I asked the hare for a bit of cabbage, and he drove me away. I was afraid that you would drive me away too,” The hedgehog began to justify himself.

Hella took out a cedar cone and laid it in front of a hedgehog.

“Eat my friend,” said Hella to the hedgehog.

“Thank you, squirrel, but I do not eat nuts,” the hedgehog said in a sad voice.

“Why do not you eat them? Nuts are delicious!” Hella asked.

“My stomach hurts from them, so I do not eat them,” the hedgehog explained.

“Hedgehog, and what’s your name?” asked the squirrel.

“Grufy,” answered the hedgehog.

“And my name is Hella,” said the squirrel.

“Grufy, where do you live? Far or not?” Hella asked again.

“No, not far,” answered the hedgehog, “do you see a large, dry tree in the distance?”

“Yes,” said the squirrel.

“In his roots, I have built a home,” Grufy explained.

“My nest is also near,” Hella said, and offered the hedgehog, “let’s take my supplies and then we’ll look for something to eat.”

“I agree,” the hedgehog said.

Squirrel Hella and her new friend Hedgehog Grufy set out on their journey.

“What a tall tree,” Grufy said in surprise, “Why did not I notice it before?”

“Maybe because your head is rarely raised?” Hella asked.

“You’re joking,” agreed the hedgehog.

Hella quickly climbed the cedar. She put the nuts in her nest and went down to the hedgehog.

“Now let’s hurry for your dinner,” the squirrel commanded.

Grufy and Hella jumped playfully on the grass and caught each other’s shadows. Suddenly, in the distance, someone heard a groan. Grufy pricked up his eyes and looked at Hella.

“A groan comes from behind those bushes,” said Hella to the hedgehog, “Come on, hedgehog we’ll see who is groaning.”

“Let’s go,” agreed the hedgehog and carefully followed Hella.

When Hella and Grufy came to the bushes, the hedgehog suggested, “I stand by the bushes, and you look, what’s behind them.”

“A coward,” the squirrel grinned and jumped into the bushes.

“Come on, Grufy,” Hella called.

Hedgehog cautiously made his way through the bushes and went to the squirrel.

“Look Grufy, who’s moaning here,” said Hella, and asked, “Is not this rabbit hare that did not give you a cabbage leaf?”

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