Forced travel. Southern Оrion
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Forced travel. Southern orion

Rаisa Karimbaeva

Georges walked along the corridor lazily moving his legs, and was always chewing something. He always ate and even when he was nervous or happy. It was more of a habit, so another bad habit… And this time he stuffed a huge sandwich in his mouth and almost choked on it when he saw something. “Something” similar to a huge, almost human-sized spider swiftly approached him, moving quickly on six shaggy, yellow paws with black stripes. On the back was a bold black cross. Such spiders, as far as Georges remembered from school textbooks, are very dangerous.

“Ah-ah-ah! “” He shouted in horror, backing away, hitting something, he fell and so on all fours tried to crawl in the opposite direction. His mind refused to understand what was happening, his heart was ready to burst out of his cramped chest into freedom, it was pounding so wildly, his eyes crawled out of their sockets. The spider approached almost tight and Georges, feeling the wall behind his back and realizing that there was nowhere to run further, he was ready to worse, but when the spider licked his face, he suddenly lost consciousness. The spider did not understand why its owner was screaming so heart-rendingly and sad. Whimpering a little, he walked away. It was a dog. Some of the jokers dressed him up in a spider costume and in this form sent him for a walk around the vastness of the ship. Besides, it was All Saints Day. How could Georges forget about it? However, he has not celebrated any holidays for a long time, it just so happened. When Georges regained consciousness, a crowd gathered around and everyone smiled at him so sweetly.

— Happy All Saints Day! — they shouted — Happy All Saints Day!

— Yes, yes… Thank you, I barely squeezed out of myself Georges- And you, too, on the holiday… They helped him to get up and he was still staggering, like a drunken man, trudged to his cabin, but suddenly turned in a completely different direction, not there where his cabin was.

The dog ran after him, still dragging the stupid masquerade with him.

Aydar was reciting namaz when Georges entered the cabin:

“I don’t understand, these holidays!” He grumbled, slamming the door behind him. He was still under the influence of what was happening and could not calm down. — Stupid jokes! I don’t understand them.. – he spoke to himself, because the interlocutor did not answer him and, as if he didn’t even listen, but that didn’t stop Georges from talking further and didn’t bother him at all. — he praised Aydar-No Khaleduels and nothing! Everything. I decided! You know, I will definitely accept Islam. And then these Khaleduela are leading me to the grave … — he said this seriously and without any jokes, and it was all the more absurd to hear it from him. However, he said this in a fit of rage, when he flared up a little and did not control his emotions. From what he said to himself, his mood rose, he even smiled and was pleased with himself and left the cabin. Aydar was still reciting namaz.

In Islam, there really are no such holidays, there is nothing that could frighten people with a masquerade. everything is calm and simple.

Everyone was happy with this joke and told it to each other, adding new details.

Soft pink sand on an unknown planet in the constellation of Southern Orion rustled pleasantly underfoot. A bright “Sun” of bluish-white light shone dazzlingly at the highest point of the bottomless sky. Blue, as if tinted with gouache, waves licked the sandy shore of the lonely green island. It was hot.

The captain and his team set foot on the land of this mysterious planet.

She was beautiful! Beautiful and as dear as the Earth once was! Sadness pinched the heart of everyone who set foot on this planet. A dumb pain lumped in my throat. For another couple of minutes they stood motionless, not taking a step back or forward. They simply lived this moment, which gave them the memory of the lost Earth.

A small lizard, looking like a dragon with the same mouth and not agile, thick, not ugly paws and bumps on its back, swept past Aydar a few steps from him and buried itself in the sand. A huge black lion with luxurious hair was yawning lazily in the shade of a branchy wood. He had just dined and these two-legged guests, who had unexpectedly disturbed his peace, were of no interest to him. Glancing over them, he stretched like a wild cat and settled down to sleep more comfortably. Rustles and hum were heard from the wild, uninhabited forest. This rumble grew with every minute, and when it became completely unbearable, the lazy, black as coal, lion jumped up and got away.

A large, huge snake, similar to a King Cobra with a silvery-greenish color, has crawled to the shore before. than Aydar managed to scream with fear, pulled a lizard out of the sand and swallowed it. Once in the bottomless womb, the lizard gnawed the snake’s esophagus and crawled out safe and sound. While ripping apart the snake writhed in pain and died a couple of moments later. All this happened so quickly that Aydar and his friends and comrades standing next to him did not even have time to say a word or a glance. They just stood watching what was happening and did not even have time to get scared.

— Y-yes.. — finally came to himself from what he saw, the law of nature… Nature itself teaches us never to give up!

— Aha! — confirmed Aydar- Great she taught this viper a lesson! Cleverly! — he praised the lizard and smiled with all his mouth. — Yes!

— And I almost died of fear when I saw this viper.. — moaned Saken

— And are you here? — Georges was surprised. — Didn’t you stay there?

— No … — the cowardly Saken shook his head — You stay there yourself, and I’ll stay here…

— Secretly made my way.. — summed up the captain. “Well, come on, hello!” He extended his hand to him and Saken, wiping his palms on his shirt, shook his hand.

“No more surprises,” said the Captain.

— No … — Saken agreed. — That’s just.. — he began and fell silent

— What else?. – was indignant Captain- Speak, do not delay!

“I’m here!” The professor took a step towards the captain and the crowd parted in front of him. — It was I who brought him- nodded at Saken John- Tired at all. Take it and take it.. What doesn’t sit at home? I do not understand.

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