Forced travel

Бесплатный фрагмент - Forced travel

Adventure, fantasy

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Forced travel

Rаisa Karimbaeva

Chapter 1

3045. scientists at the University of London have long observed this trend. They declare that the Moon, the only satellite of the Earth, is rapidly approaching the Earth And it is this that influenced the fact that the day during which the Earth revolves around its axis increased from 24 to 48 hours! That is, the Moon slows down the Earth. Everyone has long known that the moon also affects the water level in the ocean. The ebb and flow. When the water level in the ocean increased completely to acceptable standards, everyone took it with a bang. Still, after all, the number of lifeless deserts across the planet has been reduced to a minimum, and forests and tundras are in full bloom! But when in the last century the water rose a kilometer, it was just a disaster! All of America went under water, North and West Europe, East China, half of Africa and almost all of Australia! Is that Kazakhstan, where back in 2014 there were many lifeless deserts due to lack of water in those areas, now the sea stretches there! That has never happened before. Where did the sea come from throughout the Zhambyl region! What is going on in the center of Kazakhstan? It’s incomprehensible.. There are now forests! And the local people take everything with a bang! He is absolutely calm! Only scientists understand that this calmness is temporary… Another couple of years and the Earth will be gone!! Yes, our planet will not be with you! And the blame for everything is the rapid approach of the moon! The University of London had to move to Kazakhstan. When the water began to approach London, the entire university with all its laboratories and scientists was evacuated to Kazakhstan. And not only. A rapid stream of refugees rushed to those areas where it was still possible to somehow exist, including Kazakhstan. Crowded train stations, airports, hotels have become a common norm. In each house, consisting of three or four living rooms, 10—15 people live together! And this is just the beginning. Chaos gripped the Earth. Panic everywhere. Somehow everything was settled with this move. Some scientific research has stopped and some are still ongoing. Poorly enough, but the laboratory is working, research on the study of the Universe and nearby luminaries and objects is underway.

Aydar was in the internet, flipping through news sites, but he quickly got tired of it. Everywhere the same thing, even hang yourself. He decided to relax and threw the smartphone away. It’s good that now you can simply charge them: put them in your pocket and you’re done. These newer models run longer without charging than the older ones. Advanced models of smartphones made of glass are charged at a low-frequency wave and their battery is powerful, with great performance. He got up and went to the window. It got dark… The sun had long since set over the horizon and a billion bright and not so bright stars spilled out onto the black sky, decorating it. Admiring the mesmerizing beauty, he completely forgot, as if he had disappeared into the sky. His whole gaze was fixed on one point. He has long tracked two of the brightest stars in the constellation Orion: a triple supergiant star, 40 times the size of the Sun and 1,000 light-years from Earth, emitting bluish-white light, and a second star, Bellatrias-gamma Orion, rivaling neither in brightness nor in size. These two bright stars are on the same level, not far from each other, and if you also connect them with the third star, the name of which Aydar did not know, with a thin connecting line, you get the belt of a hunter who is lost in heaven. Of course, you will not see much from the window of a three-room apartment on the fifth floor, so Aydar rushed out into the street, taking with him an astronomy textbook with an insert “Star Map” and binoculars. Leaving the house, he swallowed a piece of refined sugar, which will help him quickly adapt to the dark. Having moved a decent distance from the house, completely removed from the city and the power lines, there on a lifeless, forgotten hill by all, he spread out the map and quickly started observing with orientation. Because of the fog it was hard to see and he was about to go home when someone grabbed his hand. Aydar shuddered with fright, but after a couple of minutes he heard the familiar voice of his younger sister:

“What are you doing here? Let’s play some more?” She looked him straight in the eyes and droplets of transparent tears appeared on her wide-open long eyelashes.

Aydar didn’t like it when a girl cries and immediately began to calm her down?

— After looking at the binoculars.. Just don’t cry, okay.. – he held out the binoculars, showing where to look.

The girl turned it over in her hands and whimpered again.

“Probably tired. She wants to sleep.” Thought Aydar. “I didn’t even notice that she was following me. I had to get so carried away…”

A light summer breeze tugged at her brown hair. They are completely confused, covering their face. It got colder. The wind raised dust from the ground and threw it straight into the eyes. It didn’t make me watery and hurt. Particles of sand hit her eyes, rubbing them with small fists and whimpering.

— Let’s go, otherwise my mother will be worried.. – Aydar suggested to the three-year-old girl and taking her hand, led her behind him. After a few steps the girl stopped and did not want to go. He tried to persuade her, but she resisted and was capricious. Then He tickled her, playing with her and lifting her in his arms, continued on his way. As they approached the city, they saw bright fireworks igniting the sky with thousands of colorful, bright lights. They were so close, as if someone in the courtyard launched New Year’s fireworks right from the balcony. The children stopped for a moment. to admire.

— Look how beautiful it is!! — said Aydar.

— Yeah.. — the little girl agreed with him. They stood still for a while, and would have stood even longer if they had not been completely chilled from the cold.

— Mom is waiting, probably… — and with these words Aydar with his sister in his arms went on, no longer paying any attention to the fireworks.

just a little bit left at home.

Jones, an English scientist from the University of London, who now lives with his family in an apartment where Aydar’s parents and Aydar himself and his sister lived together, was nervous, fingering the phone, constantly dialing the same number, he could not get through in any way to the addressee he needs.

After more than an hour of constant repetitions, they finally answered the phone and a familiar, sleepy female voice said:


— Marie, you? — Recognizing the voice of his wife, shouted into the phone Jones, immediately gather all and come to the cosmodrome. Alive!! — he shouted as if he wanted to shout down the interlocutor

“What happened?” Marie asked calmly, still not understanding what was happening.

This question angered John even more, but pulling himself together, he said:

— So.. nothing.. Some moon will fall on our heads right now … — hopelessness sounded in his voice.

— What? — Marie asked in horror. We will come now. Only Aydar is not there and Zhanna too.. And where is Sarah? But no.. Sarah is asleep… So sweet..

— Find them immediately… Where can they be at this hour? Night outside. — He did not know what to do, everything fell out of his hands, his voice trembled, conveying fear and excitement for the children. Although Aydar is 15 years old, he still considered him a child and therefore worried about him as for his son, who died in a car accident last year and only his little daughter Sarah somehow connected him with the hope of happiness. John had twin children. Mark and Sarah. As Marie crossed the road on a busy street, Mark, holding her hand, snatched his handle from her hands and ran right under the wheels of a truck, which pulled out at a red traffic light. He was thrown a couple of times and thrown into another lane. He died instantly. It happened last year, but it feels like Mark is at home, still playing with his toys, he just left somewhere, for a short while and will soon be back again…

These thoughts haunted John, he worried about someone else’s child as his own and Marie loved him even more for this.

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