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Scientific article

Author Kuluev Redik

Right hemisphere person sees the present moment. Tactile sensations, smells, what they see now, what is happening now and t. d. The left hemisphere man sees this world. AT the left hemisphere is stored information, images, memory. The right hemisphere transmits the information of what it sees and senses now transmits to the left hemisphere that processes this information compares with past experiences to make plans for future. The left hemisphere snatches the necessary information, images from this picture transmitted by the right hemisphere and handles it as described above. AND this by Essentially the ongoing process of creating memory and building plans for future. The left hemisphere further (LP) is constantly snatching the necessary images from transmitted by the right hemisphere (hereinafter PP) pictures compares it with images stored in memory (which and there is a collection of all perceived images, supplemented by additional characteristics such same images essence) and if the image fits the previously recorded is “remembered”, therefore the person does not have to learn every day that glass — this is a glass. But the very image of the glass in memory is also overgrown with additional synoptic, neural connections with other images that a person experienced in my life in communication with a glass Color of what saw, what form, whose (mine or girls) and There are a lot of these connections. Therefore, in brain on Essentially everything is connected with all A glass in view of experience can be associated with by car and experienced in car and each of These events carry a huge amount of images associated with in other ways. Therefore, on each new experience associated with glass brain writes new images tied to glass and this is called memory. Events that occur often work through broad neural paths in connection with constant pulse this way and speak in In this case, the brain perceives it as something important and so he remembers it same situations that are not perceived as so important so their brain says forgets.

One of images that created the human brain in evolutionary process — this is an illusion Ego.

AT this moment formed consciousness. The man began to realize himself.

AND precisely because of this illusion of ego, man and suffers all his life. Because of this false image, which not.

There are main images, key events that the brain perceives as key.

AND all these deep images that were perceived and transmitted from individuals to individuals in time evolution recorded and transmitted through DNA junk or junk jeans. AND are called u people instinct. BUT being recorded in The DNA of this multimillion-dollar experience of ancestors, called instinct. Transmitted through the limbic system, called the people of the subconscious. Whereas the processes occurring in cerebral cortex consciousness (not we must forget that the cerebral cortex certainly functions exclusively in conjunction with limbic system and other functional systems).

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